Woodland Park School District Announces COVID-19 Mask Policy Continuation

The Woodland Park School District Re-2 has announced that it will continue its current COVID-19 mask policy and procedures, to include appropriate social distancing during school events, until the end of the 2020/2021 school year, which concludes on Friday, May 28.  Sharing this information is important as the District hopes to reinstate some traditional year-end events involving our community.


Masks, along with other mitigation strategies, have proven to be effective in keeping the District’s schools and community safe. All individuals, including all students, employees, parents, visitors and vendors, must wear a face covering which covers both the nose and mouth at all times while at, on or inside of any building, facility, school, school grounds or vehicle owned, leased or operated by the Woodland Park School District.


“The District’s efforts this entire school year have been to keep our community’s students in school and those efforts have paid off with Re-2 schools being open more consistently and providing more education days than other schools in the region,” stated Linda Murray, Assistant Superintendent, Woodland Park School District Re-2.


The Teller County Public Health Department recently announced a return to yellow on the COVID dial and encouraged all residents and businesses to take personal responsibility for their own health and to help fight the spread of COVID-19. In addition, Governor Polis extended the State’s mask wearing mandate until the end of April, which applies to school districts as well.


“The District continues to work closely with Teller County Public Health and the state mandates as we define protocols for moving safely to a post-pandemic era. With students soon to be the only population ineligible for the vaccine and less than 40 school days remaining, we feel that holding to high safety standards serves as the best route for protecting our students and preserving our in-person learning environment. It also provides for consistency with established routines for our students,” said Tina Cassens, the District’s Director of Social & Emotional Learning/Technology.


Health protocols continue to be monitored and adjusted by the Woodland Park School District Cabinet consisting of Linda Murray, Assistant Superintendent; Tina Cassens, Director of Social & Emotional Learning/Technology; Brian Gustafson, Director of Business Services; Del Garrick, Director of Human Resources; Rhonda May, Ute Pass BOCES Associate Director and Kelley Havin Administrative Assistant and Secretary to the Board of Education.


And questions or comments may be directed to Linda Murray, Assistant Superintendent via email to mediacontact@wpsdk12.org or by calling (719) 686-2000.

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