Letter to the Editor

The 2020 Gold Camp Christmas Holiday Headframe Lighting annual event is underway; this tradition
would not be possible without several individuals and groups who deserve a huge thank you. Their time
and effort make the event possible each year. The event is 20 plus years old and is sponsored by
Newmont Cripple Creek & Victor, Southern Teller County Focus Group (STCFG), Cripple Creek Parks
and Recreation, and the City of Victor.
This event, which is a self-guided, socially distanced tour, runs Thanksgiving weekend through New
Year’s Day, requires several days of preparation in the fall months and hours of volunteer work during
the event. Volunteers from Newmont and the STCFG plan the event, place generators and coordinate
volunteers to staff the sites that require generators. In addition, volunteers manage several sites that are
hard line powered.
Thanks to Newmont management and security folks, who allow access to the mining sites. The mine
also donates all the gas, lights, and most of the power for the project. Thanks to Shawn Tomlinson and
Jody Keel of Newmont who make this happen every year as well as their helpers this year Robb Gray
and Christi Wilhite. Thanks to the mine’s millwrights who help with repairs of the large ornaments.
Thanks to our anonymous donor, who 20 plus years ago, donated six generators for this project; thanks
to care and maintenance by JET Service, most of them are still running.
Thanks to the Cripple Creek District Museum staff, who keep the Gold Sovereign star lighted and
donates power for that. Thanks to the City of Victor whose power lights the Cresson Headframe.
Thanks to the community volunteers who brave the cold, wind and snow to start generators and check
power connections: Richard Courson and Lisa McIntosh, Gary Horton, Shawn Tomlinson, and Jon
Each year we receive a variety of thanks from locals and visitors alike – everyone who lives and visits
here loves seeing the colorful decorations high on the mountains above our towns and, without all of
your assistance and support, the holidays around the mining camp would be much darker.
If you are interested in donating to this project or the STCFG’s Trails of Gold, please visit STCFG.com.
Self-guided tour maps of the lighting can also be found at STCFG.com.
Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!
Ruth Zalewski
Southern Teller County Focus Group
POB 238, Victor, CO