An All American Favorite Kicked Up a Notch!

Cat’s Corner Kitchen

By Catherine Mahrholz

An All American Favorite Kicked Up a Notch!

Welcome to my small, but quite productive corner kitchen! Longtime readers of TMJ (The Mountain Jackpot) may remember my scribblings from years gone by. I started with “Cathy’s Kitchen” around 2005 or so. My goal then, as now, was to share my love of cooking and my belief that it should be easy and fun; even when faced with the challenges of culinary creations at 9000 feet here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The holiday that celebrates this wonderful Republic in which we live, the United States of America, is coming here. I am referring to, of course, The Fourth of July!

We are a nation of immigrants, and so I have adapted an old-fashioned all-American favorite, Macaroni Salad, with that in mind. I’d like to honor the wonderful cultural heritage, the Hispanic influence that permeates the culinary world here in Colorado. I am referring to Chile peppers, specifically Chipotle peppers; fully ripened, moderately spicy, they are now added to a variety of foods including cream cheese and mayonnaise.

As part of your Fourth of July celebrations with family and friends I invite you to try this easy adaptation of an old fashioned family favorite.

Chipotle Macaroni Salad    serves 8

One 1lb. pkg. of Elbow Macaroni (I like the Barilla brand)

Two 12 oz. bottles Chipotle Mayonnaise (I used Dietz & Watson)

  1. Cook the macaroni, drain it, pour it into a large bowl and while still a little warm, mix in the Chipotle Mayonnaise.

  1. Add additional ingredients to suit your taste buds.

I added pickled sliced Jalapeños (Mezzetta, slightly tamed) sliced black olives, diced red bell pepper, sliced red grape tomatoes, finely chopped celery and for a garnish I topped it with bacon bits and fresh Cilantro.

That’s it! Get creative and enjoy the Fourth of July Colorado style with family and friends.

A few nights ago, to celebrate the completion of my humble little effort in my small kitchen, my husband treated me to a most memorable dinner on the veranda of one of our all-time favorite restaurants located in Colorado Springs.  I am referring to Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Chef owned, this charming restaurant, where the food is always, always delicious and well prepared and staffed with the friendliest folks around is open and the staff is so glad to be able to welcome guests to their restaurant. Dine with friends at home on America’s Holiday, and when you’re ready to venture out to eat, the folks at Romano’s Macaroni Grill will give you memorable Italian dining experience.