New Comprehensive Map of Area Trails Showcased by Local Company

~ by Bob Volpe ~

Woodland Park has always been a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, fishing, dog walking, cycling, riding ATVs, horseback riding, or whatever adventure your heart desires.

The city has been very proactive in developing trails for recreational use.

Unfortunately, at this time there are no new trail projects on the drawing board for the city according to City Planner Sally Riley. This is partly due to the city running out of public land on which to create new trails. And because of the Covid19 situation, the city may be experiencing a shortfall in sales tax revenue.

It’s not always easy to find trails in the area and outdated maps don’t make it any easier. Fortunately, Drew Stoll, Executive Director of Great Outdoors Consultants, and his crew have just finished work on a brand new up to date trails map of the city’s trails. The map is a foldable 11×17 map showing all the trails in the area.

Stoll gave a presentation to city council at last week’s meeting, showing off his new map. He explained his business Great Outdoors Consultants has been working with the city to develop this new map.

During his presentation, Stoll said his company has developed the finest map of the national forest that is even used by the forest service on their kiosks.

Stoll said that besides being the best map available at this time, his map is also a great safety tool that is also available as a smart phone app.

He said, “We have people coming from all over the country and using these maps they never get lost, because even when you don’t have a cell signal, the map still works.”

His map also identifies the location of cell towers in the area making it even more safety oriented.

Maps can be purchased at their physical location at Great Outdoors Consultants 19251 US Highway 24 or online at The maps retail at $10.95 each. A “smart” version of this map is available through the Avenza Maps app for a one-time charge of $10.99 with free updates.