Letter to The Editor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Teller County for their support during my run to become your next Teller County Commissioner for District 3.  Thank for your patience and understanding for all the campaign signs and the sign-waving parties along Hwy 24.  By now, everyone should have received their ballot in the mail and many of you may have already returned it. Elections, especially today, have consequences and this election is no different.  You will be selecting two new county commissioners to help nurture our economy as we reopen after all the shut-downs and guard our rights moving forward.  I said from day one that commissioners were going to have to do more to protect our natural rights and we have all witnessed an assault on them from Denver.  I am happy to announce that when elected, I will be founding the Colorado Commissioners Freedom Coalition – a coalition of commissioners from around the state dedicated to preserving our natural rights.   I’m making a commitment to you, the people for Teller County to do even more.  More to keep our government small and efficient, more to protect our rights and more to preserve our quality of life we enjoy here in Teller County.  I believe Teller County’s future is bright, with all of us working together to rebuild our economy and save the Teller County we love for future generations.  I humbly ask for your vote and your prayers.

Erik Stone

Candidate for Teller County Commissioner District 3