To the Editor:

You may have noticed something about the race for County Commissioner in District 3 (Woodland Park).  Phil Mella is reaching out to all voters who share conservative values. It’s important to mention there are over 6,000 Unaffiliated constituents in this county and they too deserve a voice like other political affiliations.

In a recent Jackpot editorial, Mella stated he will not tailor his positions to appeal to primary voters, then change tack for the general election as he instinctively finds this behavior opportunistic, and simply won’t do it.

Knowing his history, I’m convinced Phil will never compromise this philosophy. Rather, he wants to empower residents who have consistently been overlooked. Voters of all stripes should welcome this change and support a candidate who will be a voice for all.

Col William J. Powell USMC (Ret.)

Woodland Park, CO