Letter to the Editor: Erik Stone as our next County Commissioner

 I am fortunate enough to live in Teller County for almost twenty years. My husband and I take a special interest in our community and consider our choices very carefully before committing the guardianship of our county to any elected official.  While every election, either local or national, is important there are times when we need to give special attention to the candidates we trust with our votes. This is one of those occasions.

Teller County is “in a good place” right now.  Granted we have had our ups and downs but we are in better shape financially than we have been in years.  This did not happen without a lot of diligence and hard work by our fiscally responsible County Commissioners and officials.  To continue this trend we need to elect people who will put the interests of the people and our county before their personal advancement and esteem.

Erik Stone is one of those people!  He has worked tirelessly for years, not as a paid elected official, but as a volunteer for the advancement and stability of our county.  As a very effective Chairman of the Teller County Republican Party he has proved himself capable of representing the interests of Teller County, not just in the confines of the county, but at numerous debates and events at the state level which impacted us locally.  He is cognizant of the affects the state government has on all of us; to ignore that would be downright negligent. Of course as a commissioner his priority would be the welfare of our county but having a reliable and strong voice on legislative affairs that affect us would be a bonus.  Having a very successful business makes handling budgets, etc. second nature to him. Erik is not a “Johnny come lately” who decided to take an active role in our affairs when he decided to run for office. He has been a constant, vociferous, dedicated and committed advocate for Teller County and its residents for the past decade.

I will confidently vote for Erik Stone as our next County Commissioner.

Let’s keep Teller County “in a good place”!

Doloretta Barber

Woodland Park