Election 2019 Headed For Grand Conclusion

Voters To Decide Key Seats and Ballot Propositions

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

One of the more contested off-year elections is headed to the finish line, with results expected this evening (Nov. 5).

And if you are reading this early Tuesday, and haven’t returned your completed ballot, or if you want to participate in the vote, now is the time to act. Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. is the absolute deadline for returning ballots to drop off points. In Teller County, these are located at the Woodland Park Motor Vehicle Office at 800 Research Drive, Suite 200 or the Teller County Clerk and Recorder’s Office at the courthouse in Cripple Creek at 101 W. Bennett Avenue.

The stakes in the election are quite high for Teller County and especially in the southern part of Teller.

At issue is the showdown for the first real mayoral race in close to a decade in Cripple Creek. Plus, voters will cast tallies on a contested council seat and another elected spot not being contested. In addition, three city-sponsored ballot issues are up for grabs.

In the Cripple Creek/Victor RE-1 District, voters will cast tallies on five board seats and a question dealing with the proposed recall of a veteran leader.

On a county and state-wide basis, voters will decide if the doors will open for sports betting at licensed casinos in Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Central City. Another question hitting the spotlight is whether the state can free itself from some of the revenue restrictions imposed through the Taxpayer Bill of Rights for using money for certain purposes, such as transportation improvements.

Compared to most off-year elections, this one has more of a local impact for area residents. Voter participation is expected to be quite strong, especially in southern Teller.

For details on the election results, visit our website at mountainjackpot.com.  For questions about the voting procedures, check with the clerk and recorder’s office at 719-689-2951.