DDA Setting The Stage For Proposed Woodland Station Developments

~ by Bob Volpe ~


Last week’s meeting of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was highlighted by discussions over budget issues, requested changes to earlier agreement with the city, and a brief update on the first major commercial pursuits at Woodland Station in years.


DDA Treasurer Tanner Coy gave the board an update on the 2019 budget projections. Coy said the projected revenue for the DDA in 2019 is $608,225. He said the organization is on track to collect the estimated remaining $47,000 due. Coy also stated the DDA has collected additional miscellaneous revenue in the amount of $4,000 from donations for the stage coach sculpture now standing in Bergstrom Park.


On the expenditure side of the ledger, Coy said the DDA has $3,550 due out that has not yet been spent. According to the city quarterly finance report as of June 30, the DDA expenditures are $531,604. Coy said the DDA has spent no money on travel or training.


The draft budget for 2020 bottom line for the DDA is $37,310 of revenue. The DDA draft budget will be presented to city council at the next regular council meeting on September 19


Following the budget talks, the board turned their attention to an amendment to the disposition and development agreement. The DDA is seeking to amend the original 2009 agreement with the city. The changes they are asking for are to illuminate language requiring the DDA to transfer the Woodland Station property for no cash consideration among other alterations.


The board voted to recommend the approval of the amendment as revised on August 18.  The DDA has been upset with council for their continuing to kick the amendment in question down the road, and not putting it on the agenda. The issue is now, however, on the city council agenda for the September 19 meeting.


Woodland Station Developments Moving Forward


The board then moved on to the proposed development of Woodland Station. DDA Board. Chairperson Merry Jo Larsen said the board tried in vain to get the two developers together to possible join in a coalition on the two proposals, which mark the first major proposed commercial development activity at Woodland Station.  This was simply due to the individuals being unavailable at this time.


Conceptual plans presented in August called for a Tava House “Destination Spot,” with a proposal for an event center, restaurant and other uses. Specific details were not revealed, however,


Larsen suggested that the developers would get together after the September 16 meeting.


Coy then stated the developers both requested a non-disclosure agreement to not talk publicly about the various proposals.


The board then appointed board members Jan Wilson and Elijah Murphy to the negotiating committee to deal with the developers. Al Born was appointed as an alternate to that committee.


The board then went into executive session to discuss the Woodland Station development proposals.