Local Cycling Club Hosting and Sponsoring Key Events

Deborah Maresca, Executive Director

Mountain Top Cycling Club


We (the Mountain Top Cycling Club) are very excited about our Ride of Silence, scheduled for May 18.  Police escort will occur at 1 p.m., following the Bicycle Friendly Driving Course at the Ute Pass Cultural Center. It is a short four mile loop, ridden with no talking and at a very slow pace to honor cyclists that have been injured or killed while riding their bikes. 


On June 15, Mountain Top Cycling Club will be hosting the eight annual Century Experience Ride. Starting at 6 a.m., cyclist will be riding down Teller 1 to Cripple Creek, and then looping around Victor, then down High Park Ranch Road to Hwy 9 looping around Guffey and then back to Teller 1. It is a 100 mile event, with 75 and 50 mile options. Cyclist so far have registered from such states as TX, GA and NM. 


Mountain Top Cycling Club also will be making donations to the Ute Pass Symphony, Junior Achievement, Boy Scouts, Day Break and Messey Science Institute in exchange for volunteering at our event. We would like to thank The Food Pantry, Colorado Institute of Massage, Teller County Sheriffs and Park County Sheriffs for providing support.

Mountain Top Cycling Club would like to take this opportunity to thank Teller County Waste, Waste Management, Park State Bank, Foxworth-Galbraith, East West Economics, RES and Ute Pass Family Chiropractic for their Summit Level of Sponsorship. Our Alpine Level Sponsors are Micheal Harper real estate, Carter Realty, Home Town Garage, IREA and Banana Belt Liquors. We also appreciate our many other Timberline, Foothill and Prairie level sponsors.


Mountain Top Cycling Club is an non-profit organization.


The mission of the Club is to encourage and promote bicycling for health, recreation, sport, and transportation.  This includes promoting bicycle safety, improving facilities, roads and paths, and supporting individuals, organizations, and others who support cycling.


For more information, call 719-689-3435 or visit us at www.mountaintopcycling.com.






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