High Chateau Fire Suspects Make Guilty Pleas

At least two of the three suspects have now pled guilty for starting the High Chateau fire last summer.

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

The fire burned several homes and caused over 1,500 people to evacuate subdivisions located south of Florissant. The wildfire that was reportedly started by 23-year-old David Michael Renfrow, 19-year-old Kegan Patrick Owens, and a 17-year-old boy burned over 1,400 acres.

The three had permission from Owens’ father to camp on the land located in the High Chateau subdivision near Evergreen Station, but his father warned him not to start a fire due to the area being in a Stage 3 fire ban. The two men and the juvenile decided to start a campfire anyways inside a ring of rocks.

As the fire was raging, the group got spooked by a bear that made its presence known. The three tried to put out the fire using water and dirt but their efforts proved to be unsuccessful as the wildfire that burned many acres of land ignited the next day. During the investigation, Renfrow told authorities that he knew the fire restrictions were in place.

 When investigators arrived at the scene of the fire they found the 3-foot-wide fire pit sitting next to a burnt RV. The ashes inside the ring were still over 800 degrees Fahrenheit when the investigators stirred the ashes. The fire also tried to reignite as the investigators were inspecting the fire pit as the wildfire’s source.

 Last month, Owens pled guilty to felony charges related to starting the High Chateau Fire. His sentencing is planned for next February, and he is currently facing up to 18 months in jail followed by at least one year of parole.

 Last week, the second suspect Renfrow also pled guilty on similar felony charges related to the incident. It is unknown what has happened to the 17-year-old boy because his records are sealed since he is a juvenile.








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