October 2, Production Mine Blast Postponed! Re-Scheduled to October 3rd…

Schist Island from Cripple Creek’s Heritage Center

Given forecast weather conditions for 7:00am on October 2, the viewing of the production mine blast on Schist Island from the Cripple Creek Heritage Center has been postponed 24 hours.

To conduct blasting safely, and be considerate of our neighbors, the Newmont Cripple Creek & Victor Mine evaluates and adjust many different variables in its operations as necessary.
One of the many variables we monitor is wind direction. If our blasting specialists predict, or experience, wind blowing toward the City of Cripple Creek, we postpone the blast to minimize any concerns related to dust.
Consequently, given the weather forecast, the event we scheduled from 7:00am to 8:00am, on Tuesday, October 2, at the City of Cripple Creek’s Heritage Center parking lot to watch and learn about the blast has been postponed for 24 hours. 

Although we apologize for any inconvenience, this delay demonstrates how we modify our mining plans for safety as required.

CC&V’s new plans are to schedule the first blast on Schist Island for the morning of October 3.

Please update your calendar, and if you can, join CC&V’s blasting and mining specialists from 7:00am to 8:00am, on Wednesday, October 3, at the City of Cripple Creek’s Heritage Center parking lot to watch and learn about this historic mining event. We’ll have coffee and donuts for those of you who can join us.
Please watch TMJ Facebook pg for potential changes.We thank you for your time, understanding and patience. 
Of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Brad Poulson, External Relations Representative, 719-689-4052, email at:Brad.Poulson@Newmont.com, or Lorna Shaw, CC&V External Relations Manager, 719-689-4044, email at:Lorna.Shaw@Newmont.com.