Sheriff Department Needs To Crack Down Against “Firebugs

Dear Editor:

Recently there’s lots of news coverage regarding (Teller County) Sheriff Jason Mikesell’s crusade to eradicate illegal marijuana grows here in Teller County. 

The undertaking is keeping the Sheriff’s Department quite busy.  So busy in fact  – Sheriff Mikesell may not have time to run his 2018 election campaign.   But then he won’t really need to run a campaign because no one is running against him.  I call that the “Perfect World.”

There is a “perfect storm” brewing in the perfect world and all Citizens of this county should be made aware of its’ potential. 

On May 10th at about 8:30 PM, a call was made to 911 to report an active fire at the corner of Obsidian Drive and Crystal Peak Road.  So why did this become The Perfect Storm?    


First, Colorado is in the worse drought it has seen in many decades, possibly ever.


Second, Teller County has a stage 1-fire ban in place. 


Third, a property owner has put up an unsightly shack on a few acres with no well, which means no water on site, no power, no sewer, but heck he is living in the shack and maybe “getting a good buzz on” as the song goes and county officials don’t seem to care.  


Does anyone remember when Terry Barton burned her love letter that started the Hayman fire which burned 138,114 acres and several home s in 2002? Or is the Hayman fire just a faint memory to folks in Teller County?

Why wait for a second go-round to give a lawbreaker a citation?  Thank Heaven the wind was not blowing so strong that the fire got out of control and was allowed to burn down Crystal Peak and Druid Hills’ homes.   The (alleged) FIREBUG could not have gotten anything under control in the state he was in.

Hey Sheriff Mikesell, could you please take some time out of your busy MJ crusade and protect the citizens from “crazy FIREBUGS.”  We may not make it through this horrible fire season if more people don’t “See Something, Say Something” and if deputies choose to give FIREBUGS a pass instead of a citation for their actions.

Mike Winters