Local Football Experts Declare Favorites For Super Bowl 52

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

Nope, this wasn’t the Super Bowl we wished for.

With the Denver Broncos early exit from the season, following a brutal losing streak, the 2017 season definitely stung. This one may hurt for some time, and may cause Bronco hero and head commander John Elway to rethink his career choices and once again mull his prospects of becoming a golfer on the senior tour.

Instead, with Super Bowl 52 this Sunday, we are stuck with two of the most hated teams in the league. The New England Patriots are nothing less than the “Anti-Christ” if you ask local fans. They are a force of evil that remains unprecedented. And then, you have good old Philly, with fans that captured national football lure in years past when they belted Santa Claus with snowballs during a drunken celebration.  Santa ended up running for his life hasn’t returned to land of liberty ever since.

That said, Super Bowl 52 could serve as quite a festive party around the area, with preliminary estimates calling for a close game. When making your bets, here are a few suggestions from Teller’s own army of always-right, Monday morning, armchair quarterbacks. Move over there, Adam Schefter, as you are out of your league.

Enjoy the great game, and if you are looking for a good place to partake in the festivities, think about your favorite local bar/casino/lounge and eatery, as they have plenty of offerings. This is a party not to be missed.    


Charlie (CR) Chambers, Multimedia Wiz, Outdoor Climbing Expert

Head (Patriots) coach Belichick and QB star Brady will appear in an eighth Super Bowl together. As seen in the previous title game, a 28-3 advantage in the third quarter isn’t safe from a Patriots comeback. With or without a lead, can you trust Foles and the Eagles to seal the deal or engineer a game-winning drive? I don’t think so…

Many are hoping to see a team knock off the Patriots and don’t want to hear this, but Brady and Belichick will raise the Lombardi Trophy again. My friend Joe Theismann, who I used to throw the ball with in Canada, predicts a close game. I’m thinking more like 31 to 10 Patriots…


Dr. John Jones, TMJ General Manager

At the end of the 2017 NFL season, I checked into a specialized rehabilitation clinic in Dallas, TX in an attempt to remove the constant nightmares of Dak Prescott of the Cowboys throwing interceptions throughout the December stretch.  While in treatment, I had a vision of Tom Brady winning his sixth Super Bowl ring, but at some cost.  In my dream, he had broken his arm while reaching to hug his supermodel wife after winning the game, therefore ending his football career.  Brady lived out the rest of his days, while selling insurance at Nationwide and working for Payton Manning.   The New England Patriots will win the big game 24-14 over the Eagles of Phily! 

 Bob Volpe, TMJ Writer

This Super Bowl will be the match up of an immovable object vs. an unstoppable force. Great defense vs. great offense. Historically, offense wins games, defense wins championships.

This Bronco fan understands the Pats are the perennial favorites. That being said, I’m with the majority of American football fans that hate em (Google it). I wouldn’t root for the Pats if they were holding my
mom hostage. If Foles plays as well as he did against the Vikings and the refs don’t throw the game to the Pats in the fourth quarter like they did in the Jaguars game, the Eagles win this one. 28-24

Bob Valade, Business Owner and Divide resident

 The potent Philly offense, and Nick Foles, will shake off early jitters and get out to an early two score lead. This time the Pat’s comeback magic will fall short, as a 4th quarter Jake Elliot field goal will prove to be the difference. The backup outshines the G.O.A.T. 31-28 Philly.


Cindy Valade, TMJ Photo Wiz and Advertising Manager

 The big stage will prove to be too much for Philadelphia as they suffer through three first half turnovers. New England will take full advantage of these blunders, pulling out to a three score lead by halftime. New England will coast to their sixth Super Bowl win. 35-13 New England. 


Joe Theismann Television Analyst and Friend of TMJ

 The Patriots are heavily favored in this one but, the Eagles’ offense, is going to give the Patriots headaches the Jaguars didn’t provide. Nick Foles and that offense won’t take themselves out of the game the way the Jaguars did…..still…27-24 NE.


Karen Murphy, Woodland Park Business Owner

Remember Karen is from Boston, but don’t hold it against her. She is going with the Pats by 20 or more. Besides they are the Patriots! 42-14 NE.

Lynn Phipps, Woodland Park resident

I don’t want them but I think it will be the Patriots. They are a good team! They know how to win the Super Bowl and I think they will pull it off again this year. 30-12 NE.

Trevor Phipps, TMJ Writer and Local Promoter

I tend to agree with my mom on this one… As much as I don’t want to sit there on that Sunday in February and watch Tom Brady and crew take home another championship, I think it is the most likely situation that they will. However, I do think that the Eagles will give them a run for their money. One person was so confident in the Eagles that they went to Vegas last week and placed a multi-million dollar bet on them to win! The Eagles have played well all year but they are without their starting quarterback. I think that if their starter Wentz was in the game, the Eagles would dominate. But, I would take the spread on this one. The last Vegas line I saw picked the Patriots by 5.5. I don’t envision a blowout this Sunday, I really don’t. 34-31 NE.

Bud Price, TMJ Marijuana Columnist

Ok I will go ahead and be the voice of half the county when asked, “Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?” The correct answer is… who cares the Broncos aren’t in it!”

But alright, alright… I’m sorry! I have been a little grumpy lately. After all of these pot busts going on recently, this town has been pretty dry! As I am forced to watch the big game without the two things I love about this state the most (Broncos and weed), I have decided that everyone is wrong on this one. I don’t know about millions but I definitely would bet the $2.45 I have in my pocket on the Eagles, especially with a five or six point spread! They are Eagles…. it is in their nature to fly high. And we all know the higher, the better! 38-27 Philly.


City officials


Tanner Coy, Woodland Park DDA Treasurer and Business Owner

Tanner is going with the team from the land of his people, the Pats by at least 7.

Woodland Park City Manager David Buttery

David hopes the Eagles win but his money is on the Pats by a close 27-24 score. (Is this a mirage?  David Buttery and Tanner Coy actually nearly agreeing with each other on a contested subject. That is part of the glory of the pre-Super Bowl festivities.)

Woodland Park Councilman Noel Sawyer

The Patriots are a better overall team and are very consistent. The councilman is favoring the Pats by 24-14.

Maureen Langenberg, Green Mountain Falls resident.

Look for a major upset.  Plus, I am tired of the Tom Brady media love affair. It will be a very high scoring game with two potent offenses. The Eagles will win in the end by 35-24.