Fall Sports Wrap-Up!

Athletic Programs Produce Improving Prospects


~ by Trevor Phipps ~


Winter is coming.


A true sign of this reality is that the 2017 high school fall sports season has now reached a conclusion.


The athletic programs offered at both Woodland Park and Cripple Creek-Victor High Schools during the fall recorded some definite improvements and a moderate level of success, especially for certain sports that don’t usually attract that many spectators, such as golf and girls’ volleyball.   


Now the schools must prepare for their upcoming winter season.  


For the fall season, Woodland Park High School offered football, cross country, soccer, softball, volleyball, and golf. Cripple Creek-Victor High School offered football, volleyball and cross country. 


For the month of November most high school sports are put on a hold and only consist of practices and tryouts. In December, the 2017 winter sports season kicks into full gear. During the winter, Woodland Park High School offers girls’ and boys’ basketball, wrestling, and hockey. Cripple Creek-Victor High School offers boys’ and girls’ basketball.


Here are some of the highlights of the fall season.


Woodland Park High School Cross Country 2017 Season

High School Cross Country is a sport where students compete with other schools on timed, long distance runs. The students race on mountain terrain trails and compete against students from other schools.


This year the Woodland Park Cross Country team competed in a total of 12 different tournaments. Two of the tournaments were held locally at the Shining Mountain Golf Course. Other tournaments were held at other locations such as Monument Valley and Bear Creek Park in Colorado Springs. The cross country season is officially over until next fall. However, many cross country competitors will be taking their chances and competing in the 2017 Woodland Park High School Track and Field season this spring. 


Woodland Park High School Boys’ Soccer

The Woodland Park High School Boys’ Soccer team had their last game in Elizabeth on October 19. The team this year was led by Woodland Park City Council member and coach Noel Sawyer.


The team finished with an overall record of 2-13 and a league record of 0-8. The team finished their season with a record of 1-6 at home and a record of 1-6 on the road. The team earned the rank of 195th in the state and 6,460th nationally. Their biggest win was an away game versus the Evangelical Christian High School where they won 2 to zip. Their biggest loss was a home game against The Classical Academy where they were shutout by a score of 10 to zip. 


Woodland Park High School Softball

The Woodland Park High School Girls’ Panthers Softball team was led this year by Coach Dale Huntington.


Their last game was an away game in Canon City, where they lost by a score of 12 to 2. The team finished with an overall record of 3-16 and a league record of 3-5. The team won one game at home and two on the road. The softball team was ranked 145th in the state and 1,379th at the national level. The softball team won by four runs against both The Classical Academy and Mitchell High School. The biggest loss the team suffered was a game at home where they lost to Pueblo East by a score of 22 to zero!


Woodland Park High School Volleyball

This year, the coach of the Woodland Park High School volleyball team was Christy Cornell.


When asked to comment on how the girls’ volleyball season went, Cornell replied, “The 2017 season was a learning season. We are a young team with two seniors this year. We played hard and looked really good. We pushed through some tough times and finished very strong as a team. These girls love to play volleyball and can do it well. Looking forward to seeing what they can do next year!”


The team completed their season with an 8-15 record overall and a 4-4 record in their league, which isn’t too shabby. The girls played their last game at home against Mesa Ridge High School and won 3-0. The tough Panther girls received the state-wide rank of 189th and the national rank of 9,063rd. 


Woodland Park High School Golf

Out of all the Woodland Park High School sports programs, it is probably safe to say that the Panthers’ golfers achieved the most success of any fall  team for Woodland Park. When playing golf at the high school level, the team consists of 12 to 15 on the roster. The game gets played in teams of four and the highest three scores of the four players count towards the team’s final tournament score.


Last year the Woodland Park High School golf team took first place in their league and this year they ranked second! The team played in a total of 11 tournaments including one at Woodland Park’s very own Shining Mountain Golf Course. Out of the eleven tournaments, five of them counted towards their league rank.


The Woodland Park linksters had three players win all-league and had three players that ranked in the top four of the league. Panther golf players Shane Purkey took second in the league, Jace Cisneros took third, Zak Ludwick snagged fourth, and Lou Levy captured seventh place. More notably, Purkey, Cisneros, and Levy all qualified for the Colorado State High School Golf Championship Tournament held at the Raccoon Creek Golf Club located in Littleton. This is the most amount of players from the Woodland Park team that have qualified for the state golf showdown in recent history.


“Overall we had a great season! I am very proud of qualifying for the state tournament because that is something we have never accomplished before this year,” said Woodland Park High School Golf Coach Brian Gustafson. The team’s transformation over the last few years to a state powerhouse has been impressive.


Woodland Park High School Forensics

The local forensics team is similar to a school’s speech and debate team in other areas.


In this sport/activity, students compete in debate events as well as interpretation of literature events that are similar to acting. Starting at the beginning of the school year, the Woodland Park High School Forensics team started daily after-school practices. Recently, the team competed in their first tournament of the season that was held at home.


Cripple Creek-Victor High School Football

The Pioneer boys finished the 2017 high school football season with an official record of 1-6-1 and a conference record of 1-4. Their final game that was canceled due to weather against Hi-Plains High School was never re-scheduled. The one tie that went down on record was the beginning of the year scrimmage game they played against Mountain Valley High School. 


Cripple Creek-Victor Middle School Football

The Cripple Creek-Victor Middle School football team recorded a similar success level as the varsity squad. The middle school team finished with an overall record of 1-5 and a conference record of 1-4. The only team the middle school Pioneer boys beat was the Colorado Springs Deaf and Blind School.


Cripple Creek-Victor High School Varsity Volleyball

The Pioneer girls’ varsity volleyball team ended their 2017 season with an overall record of 3-17 and a conference record of 0-5. The girls played their last game on October 26 on the road against Sargent High School and lost by a score of 3-0.


Cripple Creek-Victor High School Junior Varsity Volleyball

The CC-V Pioneers JV Volleyball team ended this year’s season with an overall record of 5-10 and a conference record of 0-3. They played their last game on October 21 against Sargent and fell 2-0.


Cripple Creek-Victor Middle School Volleyball

The Pioneer Middle School Volleyball team earned a record of 3-9 and a conference record of 2-7. The last game the team played was on September 26 when they were beaten by Cotopaxi Middle School 2-0.


Cripple Creek-Victor High School Cross Country

The Pioneer cross country team recently ended their 2017 season. The team ran in fewer tournaments than Woodland Park did but still had a solid season. The students on the team are now training for the Spring 2018 Track and Field season.


On November 10, practice for winter sports officially began at Woodland Park High School. The first three days of practice are designated as tryouts for the teams. In the beginning of December, the winter sports games officially begin. 


Stay tuned for more coverage of the winter sports season in TMJ News. If you wish to provide updates and photos, contact us ateditor@mountainjackpot.com.