Woodland Park Panthers End Pigskin Season on Losing Note

Injury of Star Running Back Cripples Team’s Prospects


~ by Trevor Phipps ~


With star player Dominic Roskam ending the 2017 football season on the sidelines in a knee brace, the WP Panthers’ varsity football team lost last Friday by another huge scoring margin.


The Panthers got absolutely outplayed during a final away game against the Lewis Palmer Rangers. They were crushed by a score of 44 to 7.


The Panthers ended their 2017 season with a big loss as they were unable to outrun the Rangers. The Rangers gained a total of 341 yards against the Panthers and were able to get three interceptions during the game.


Unfortunately, the Panthers were never able to recover from their mid-season loss of their star running back due to his knee injury suffered during practice.


Coach Joe Roskam led his team to an overall record of 3-7 and a league record of 1-4. The team received the state-wide rank of 145th this year and the national rank of 10,868th. The young team will be training hard during the off-season to prepare for their 2018 football season.


Colorado State Rams Suffer Heartbreaking Defeat to Wyoming

The Rams played their enemies this week in a brutal, low-scoring, snowy rival match. The Cowboys were the victors this year as they snuck past the Rams by a score of 16 to 13.


This was a devastating loss for the Rams as they lost their second game in a row and dropped to a 6-4 record. The Rams are now two games behind Boise State in the Mountain West conference and one game behind the Wyoming Cowboys. Why is it that the Rams have lost all three of their rival games this year?


The Rams better step up their game this week as they face the 7-2 Boise State Broncos next Saturday at home at 8:30 p.m. Ugh, my Rammies bowl game hopes are slowly fading… This next game is definitely a “must win” if CSU still wants a chance to play more than twelve games this year.


Colorado Buffaloes Get Scorched By Arizona  

The Buffs drop to a .500 season record at 5-5 due to their loss in Arizona last Saturday night.


The Buffs went to Arizona and got burnt by the Sun Devils by a score of 41 to 30 due to a remarkable final quarter by the Sun Devils. Ouch. 


At the end of the third quarter the Buffs were dominating the game ahead by a score of 27 to 17. In the fourth quarter is when the Sun Devils unleashed their wrath. The Devils were able to score three touchdowns and a field goal versus the Buffs’ one field goal in the fourth quarter.


The Buffs almost had that one! The team needs to work on holding onto the game when they have a two score lead. Next week, the now 5-5 Buffs come back home to Folsom Field to take on the tough 7-2 USC Trojans. Yikes! Prepare for a losing record after this week Buff fans…


Air Force Falcons Encounter Brutal Ambush

The Army Black Knights game into town last Saturday and seemed as if they were on a Falcon hunting trip. The Falcons suffered a brutal shutout at home last week as the Black Knights ambushed them by a score of 21 to nothing.


The Falcons now drop to a losing record of 4-5. The Black Knights outplayed the Air Force team and were able to completely shut down the Falcons offensively. The game marks yet another shutout suffered by a Colorado team this year!


The Falcons need to step up their game during their last two matches of the season so that they can get their young team better for next year. This week the Falcons go up against the 6-3 Wyoming Cowboys during a Mountain West Conference match at home.