Broncos/Raiders Preview

~ by Bob Volpe ~


Next week the Broncos travel to the black hole in LA to face the 4-6
Raiders. The Raiders got creamed by the Patriots last week in Mexico
City 33-8. They’ll be looking to get back in the AFC West Division
race, since the Chargers embarrassed the Bills last week 54-24 moving
them into a tie with the Raiders for second place in the AFC West.

Despite the shellacking they took last week, the Raiders put up a
respectable 344 total yards on the Pats. They just couldn’t find the
end zone.

One hundred and nine of those yards were rushing yards. The all
exalted return of Marshawn Lynch hasn’t worked out so well for the
Raiders. The Pats held him to 71 yards on 11 carries.

With a possible shot at the lead in the AFC West at stake, since the
Chiefs got beat by the Giants in OT last week, the Raiders will be
playing hard and fast. They know the Bronco O line and the Bronco
quarterback are the weak spots for Denver. They will release their
edge rusher Kalil Mack on whoever is taking snaps for the Broncos.

As for the Broncos, they lost their sixth straight game last week to
the Bengals. This is the first time the Broncos have lost 6 straight
games since 1990. The Bengals were about as evenly matched a team as
the Broncos have played and they came up short.

Turnovers, penalties, Red Zone anemia, and poor execution continue to
plague the Broncos. They have yet to win a road game this season. The
Raiders are playing for something; the Broncos can’t seem to figure
out what they’re playing for.

Against the Bengals, the Broncos moved the ball fairly well, but still
can’t break 20 points on offense. In their last 7 games the Broncos
have only scored more than 20 points once and that was against the
Eagles when they scored a late TD in garbage time.

The Bengal’s game was Denver’s chance to get a foothold on the rest of
the season and they failed. Don’t be surprised if you see Paxton Lynch
start against the Raiders next week. If Lynch doesn’t start next week,
one more loss by Oswieler and he’ll be selling used cars at one of
Elway’s lots next year and you’ll see Lynch start the following week
against the Dolphins.

Without getting some turnovers on defense and giving up none on
offense, the Bronco defense will not be able to safe the team from the

The official Russ’ Place TMJ pick: Raiders beat the Broncos 21-10.