Code of Conduct Urged by Main Street Leaders

Board makes plea to squash false rumors

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

During last week’s Woodland Park Main Street meeting, the “elephant in the room,” the  possible selection of a new head coordinator/manager, was not discussed.

Main Street Board members did not mention anything about Darlene Jensen, or the Main Street coordinator position. It is still unclear whether Jensen will be retained by the Woodland Park Main Street Board as their coordinator, or not even if she was terminated of her position by the city. In fact, the board did not discuss whether they will be replacing Jensen, or what will happen in the future with this position.

After the committee reports, there was a “Code Of Conduct discussion” on the agenda before the two main agenda topics were addressed. During this part of the meeting, a heated discussion ensued. Board Member, Jane Mannon, who also works for the city, presented a letter to the board and to the public attempting to squash a rumor about her that has gained much traction and has been circulated on social media outlets. 

The rumor maintained that while Mannon was employed by the Newmont Cripple Creek and Victor Mining Company, she pushed through a $200,000 donation for the Woodland Park Aquatic Center, and was terminated from her position at the mine for doing so. According to this report, Mannon was then offered a position at the city Of Woodland Park as their special projects director.

Mannon denied all of these claims in the letter she presented at last week’s meeting, and contended that these rumors are “ridiculous.” Other board members pleaded to the rest of the board to stop spreading rumors that could potentially ruin the reputation of the Woodland Park Main Street Board and their members.

Last week, the board also discussed a revision of the organization’s bylaws and the appointment of new board members.

The main bylaw revision brought to the board had to do with which members on the board could vote on agenda items, and which couldn’t. Currently, the Woodland Park Main Street Board consists of the president of the Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce, a member of the DDA board of directors, a Woodland Park city council member, a representative of the city of Woodland Park’s administration, and five other volunteer board members. Currently, all of these positions are allowed to vote on all board matters. With this proposal, the voting rights of certain required positions could get limited. The purpose of this revision is to make room for more volunteer positions on the board, and to recruit other people that are not involved in other organizations. 

Many board members argued that the changes were not fair to the members who are part of the DDA, Chamber of Commerce, and the city. The board decided to leave out the revisions that stripped away board member voting privileges, and only put one major change to the bylaws up for vote.

The one future change approved would require a two-third vote by the  Main Street board in order to terminate the coordinator position. This bylaw revision was passed with a 6 to 2 vote.