Teller County 2017 What’s on the Ballot?

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Elections in Teller County and the Region….

Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek Council Ward 4 – 4-year term

  • Meghan Rozell
  • Scott A. Marshall

Cripple Creek Council Ward 5 – 4-year term

  • Jeff Regester
  • Melissa “Missie” Trenary

Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 School

School Board District B – 4-year term

  • Timothy Braun

Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 School

School Board District D – 4-year term

  • Tonya Martin

Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 School

School Board District E – 4-year term

  • Dennis Jones
  • Patricia Waddle

City of Cripple Creek 2A

Shall the City of Cripple Creek taxes be increased by an estimated amount of six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000) annually in the first fiscal year and by whatever additional amounts are raised annually in each subsequent year by the levy of a lodging tax in the amount of 6 percent (6%) per day, or such lesser amount as the city council determines, per occupied lodging room or accommodation, on the provision of lodging upon every person or business that furnishes any hotel room, motel room, lodging room, motor hotel room, guest house room, recreational vehicle pad, or other similar accommodation for consideration (on a noncomplimentary basis) for less than one (1) month or thirty (30) consecutive days within the City of Cripple Creek, commencing on January 1, 2018, and shall the proceeds of such tax and investment income thereon constitute voter-approved revenue changes and be collected and spent by the city with the money raised to be used for economic and community development, tourism, and marketing, without regard to any expenditure, revenue-raising, or other limitation contained in Article X, Section 20, of the Colorado Constitution.



Cripple Creek-Victor School District RE-1 School

Cripple Creek-Victor School District RE-1 3A

Proposal to change to a combined plan of representation. Shall the plan adopted by the Board of Education of the Cripple Creek-Victor School District Re 1, which eliminates the director district plan of representation for elected directors of the Board of Education and replaces such a plan with a plan of representation that creates a combined plan of representation with two (2) director districts and three (3) at-large directors, be approved.



Green Mountain Falls-Chipita Park Fire Protection District

Green Mountain Falls-Chipita Park Fire Protection District 4A

Without increasing any tax rate or imposing any new tax, shall Green Mountain Falls/Chipita Park Fire Protection District be permitted to collect, retain and spend all revenue it receives in grants from the State of Colorado or any other source in fiscal year 2017 and any year thereafter, as a voter-approved revenue change and an exception to any spending, revenue-raising or other limitation under the Constitution or laws of the State of Colorado now or hereafter in effect, and without limiting in any year the amount of other revenue that may be collected, retained and spent by the district?




Clerk/Treasurer – 4-year term

  • Claire Greenwood

Mayor – 4-year term

  • Bruce M. Davis
  • Donald E. Daniel

Council Member Ward 1 – 4-year term

  • Diana Bowman
  • Buck Hakes

Council Member Ward 2 – 4-year term

  • Sue Kochevar
  • Michelle Stevens
  • Jon Strever