Election Winners and Surprises

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

The initial election verdict is in, and for the first time in recent history in southern Teller, two council races ended in a dead heat. That will force a recount, but most likely, the winner will be determined by a chance drawing, such as playing a deck of cards or pulling a name out of a hat.

Maybe, the district can get a little creative and have a Western Heritage Day with the final contenders playing a hand of poker in the middle of the street. This idea was mulled in the past during a previous tie vote, but never pursued. Hopefully, this time district officials can have a little fun with two dead-heat finishes. It only makes sense that it would happen in Cripple Creek and Victor.

The candidates that ended up in a tie for Tuesday’s election were Buck Hakes and Diana Bowman for a council seat in Victor, and Jeff Regester and Melissa Trenary for a seat in Cripple Creek. Good luck to all the remaining contending candidates. Hope they have better luck at playing cards than me, if that is the route that election officials pursue.

In my opinion, the big winner of the election was the city of Cripple Creek, with their overwhelming victory for their bid for a 6 percent lodging tax. This marked probably the city’s third or so attempt at this levy. Congratulations to City Administrator Ray DuBois and company, who explained this proposed levy much better than it was conveyed in the past. This time, the city played it smart and got more specific about the language and did a little lobbying with the casino industry.

Also, the status quo RE-1 School District Board recorded a definite win of sorts, with a victory by incumbent board representative Dennis Jones, and a surprising win with the district’s ballot question that will result in more at-large seats. This one may have even surprised incumbent board member Tim Braun, who was predicting a defeat of this measure.

Other big winners were Meghan Rozell, the big winner of the Cripple Creek Ward Four race, and Don Daniel, who will become the next mayor for Victor. And not surprisingly, most people in the Green Mountain Falls/Chipita Park Fire Protection District gave the go-ahead to allow the district to free itself from the revenue restrictions of TABOR. This will allow them to retain more money for future grants for the new fire station.

Stay tuned for more election updates in the next few days.