Broncos Keep the Dream Alive – Bob Volpe


In a bitter show of defiance and determination by a couple of rookies, the Broncos pull a last minute win from the jaws of defeat and beat the New Orleans Saints, on the road, 25-23.

Last week the Broncos finally got off to a decent start offensively. The offense scored 10 points in the first half snapping a first half scoring drought.

It’s tough to beat any team on the road and when you’re facing a team in their house, that won the last 4 out of five games and were averaging 34 points per game, it was a big test for the Bronco defense.

Teams have been finding the soft spot in the Bronco defense. The quick pass over the middle has been particularly tough for the D to deal with. They stepped up last week though, picking off Drew Brees twice and recovering two fumbles.

Demaryius Thomas had his best game in a while. Even though he has yet to have a 100 yard receiving game he managed to snag a few passes that in previous games he would likely have dropped. He did manage 87 yards and one TD and 8 receptions. Sanders wasn’t far behind Thomas with 54 yards on five catches.

The offensive line is still playing hideous football. They collapsed time after time allowing Seimian to get sacked five times. They didn’t do much to help the run game either. Booker had a tough time finding holes to run through, but he showed better vision, bouncing outside when he had to, as holes closed. Booker and Bibbs only managed 98 yards rushing combined on 31 attempts.

It’s a sad state of affairs in Bronco land, but an ugly win is still a win.

The defense continues to keep an anemic offense in games by creating turnover and reeking havoc in the secondary and in opponents back fields.

This one was another nail biter right to the end. Two late fourth quarter field goals put the Broncos up 23-17, but the Saints got the ball back with 2:50 to play and drove 75 yards in a mere 1:20 seconds and tied the game at 23 points a piece.

A single extra point is all the Saints needed to take the lead by 1, with 1:30 remaining in regulation, when Justin Simmons used a perfectly timed leap over the offensive line to block the extra-point kick. Will Parks ran it back, tip toeing down the sideline, 84 yards for a defensive 2-point conversion.

Who would have thought two rookies would rise up to save the day?

Justin Simmons is a 6’2” 202 pound rookie free safety out of Boston College. The block was on and the rookie stepped up and in concert with Parks, made the play of the game.

Will Parks is another Bronco rookie. He is a 6’1” 194 pound safety out of Arizona.

Demaryius Thomas covered up the ensuing on-sides-kick and the game was iced.

Next week the Broncos have their bye.

The Broncos are in a tenuous spot, holding third place at 7-3. Since Kansas City pulled out a come from behind win over the struggling Panthers, the standings put the Chiefs in a tie for first place at 7-2, in the AFC West with the Raiders who had their bye last week.