Unofficial Election Results How Teller County Voted *Key Races and Ballot Issues

Donald Trump (R) : 7,984
Hillary Clinton, (D) : 3,091
Gary Johnson, (L) : 514
Jill Stein: 112
*Trump was the winner on a national basis, with Clinton conceding the race early Tuesday morning. However, Clinton was the winner in Colorado by a few percentage points.

U.S. Senate
Darryl Glenn, (R) : 7,899
Michael Bennett, (D) : 3,470
*Bennett was the winner, statewide.

U.S. Congress, District 5
Doug Lamborn, (R) : 7,931
Misty Plowright, (D); 2,880

State Representative, District 39
Polly Lawrence, (R): 8,995
Richard Opier, (D): 2,956

Local Ballot Issues
Plan to End Term Limits for all Elected Positions, 1A
No: 8,205 Yes: 3,360

Pro-Broadband and Internet Initiatives, 1B
Yes: 6,386 No: 5,018
*This measure also was approved in Cripple Creek, Victor, Woodland Park and Green Mountain Falls. In Woodland Park, the measure was closer than other municipalities, winning by a 55 to 45 percent margin.

Lodging Tax in Cripple Creek, 2A
No: 177 Yes: 166

Cripple Creek/Victor RE-1 School Tax Plan, 3A
No: 1,883 Yes: 895

Green Mountain Falls/Chipita Park Fire District Tax, 4A
Yes: 24 No: 11
*On a district-wide basis, this tax plan was winning, but only by several votes as of late Monday evening. It was almost too close to call.

State Issues
State Health Care System, Amendment 69
No: 10,232 Yes: 1,430

Minimum Wage Increase, Amendment 70
No: 6,838 Yes: 4,877
*This amendment was approved statewide.

Raising the bar for constitutional amendments, Amendment 70
Yes: 8,120 No: 3,447

Tobacco Tax Increase, Amendment 72
No: 7,793 Yes: 4,003

Plan for Presidential Primaries, Prop. 107
Yes: 7,423 No: 3,961

Plan to allow unaffiliated voters to participate in primaries
Yes: 5,784 No: 5,583
Total votes cast in Teller County: 12,133
This represents 62.31 percent of all registered voters, but is close to 75 percent of active, registered voters.

*We have noted where the local results differed from the tallies across the state, or where special explanations were needed.
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