Opposes plan to end term limits for elected officials – Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

I find it odd that the person presenting this initiative is a County Commissioner on his last term. As anyone who has lived in Teller County for more than one election knows, the only people who run for a County office are the ones that have been chosen by the Good Ole Boys club of Teller County. When Dave Paul ran for re-election, who ran against him? Now Norm Steen and Marc Dettenrieder are running for re-election again with no one opposing them. What choices do we have for who represents us? When was the last time you attempted to talk to one of these elected representatives about a problem or concern within your district? I’ve tried on a number of occasions, only to be told by my elected representative that he cannot talk to me because if it came before him at a County hearing, he would have to recuse himself. It appears to me that the only way to get these people out who are serving only their own special interests or the few people who got them into office, is to have term limits. Without term limits, these people who will receive a 30% pay raise to $76,000 a year effective Jan 1 (Gazette, dated Oct 31, 2016), will stay in office until we are all dead and gone.

Thomas Worley