A Case for One of the Nation’s Best Presidents

Dear Editor,

It is exceedingly sad, perhaps even quite pathetic, when one’s intense dislike leads to seemingly irrational, harsh criticism, that has virtually no connection to actual facts and reality, let alone truth. To disparage President Barack Obama because he had the audacity to speak of a “moral revolution” in regards to eliminating nuclear weapons from all the nations of the world, is quite ludicrous. That is a “moral revolution” to which pastors, bishops, popes, rabbis, imans, Buddhist priests, the Dali Lama, Native American shamans, peace advocates of every faith and political perspective, many other spiritual leaders, and humanists have aspired ever since they were first unleashed on the world.

Many religious leaders, including the official Roman Catholic position, have stated that dropping the bomb was wrong, period. Over 100 former top generals and admirals from around the world, many of whom were commanders of nuclear forces, have stated publicly that these weapons have no business being held or used by anyone, if we want this world to continue to exist. The scientific reality of those weapons unleashed on the world has demonstrated that they are the most deadly for the entire planet than anything we have ever invented or known. Doesn’t sound like President Obama’s position/proposal is so out of touch with great leaders all over the world, now does it?

The president did not say we should not have dropped the bombs on Japan, though the definite and real evidence has been demonstrated by several historians that Japan was ready to surrender and that it was not necessary to drop them. General, and then president, Dwight D. Eisenhower stated, “Japan was already defeated and dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary”. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz stated that the Japanese had already “sued for peace”, and dropping the bomb had no decisive part in defeating the Japanese or in ending the war. On and on such statements have been made and the definitive research has demonstrated it was not necessary.

In addition, there are already historians who have begun to rate Obama as one of the most effective presidents ever, most especially since he has been stonewalled over and over by opponents from seeking to accomplish the greater good for the greatest number—which completely and totally makes the point that to claim he is “the worst president in history” is a worthless and frivolous claim.

Rodney Noel Saunders
United Methodist Pastor, Retired