Time for People to Wake Up – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
It’s time we write about it again.

The politicians, the elite, the filthy rich, the mainstream media, are setting us up, with all the police and racial killings going on especially within the past week.

This is all a setup so this country will start a revolution in order for Martial Law to take place.

Why can’t the American people WAKE THE UP and realize this?

The government knows what they are doing by publicizing all the white cops killing the black people and now the active shooters are killing the cops. There is so much hate in this world. It saddens my heart for God to see all this. It’s written in the bible of what is to come to this world and we cannot change that. Our only hope is to turn to God and change our hearts and thoughts.

If only the people of our country can see how all this reporting of law enforcement and racial media stories is a set up. I am not prejudiced, and I respect the law and that there are good cops out there to protect and serve. But the filthy rich ones that control corporate America are running the show. The ones in office and the ones that are running for office are hand-picked way before we even know their names.

What is going on right now in this country is ALL A SETUP FOR Martial LAW TO TAKE PLACE!
Why can’t the American people see that? All they see is racial cops but that is what the media is told to report in order to start riots then the revolution, then Martial Law and then the killing camps. Let’s thin us out so the filthy rich can have some breathing room.

But guess what? They are not in charge – God is and I’d much rather be on His side than man ANYDAY!

Sharon Etch-A-Sketch