Patriots Day Pt 2

(13) “Returning vets possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right wing extremists. The department of homeland security is concerned that right wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize vets in an attempt to boost their violent capacities.” Janet Napolitano April, 2009
(14) “The soldier civilly treated, returns to civility.” Thomas Paine: Rights of Man1791
(15) Accusations Without Grounds Are Confessions. Look at the wide spread and wide ranging plea bargain system in use by our judicial system today.
(16) Remember no child left behind A.D. 2000? How big government okayed the para-military occupation of inner city schools by officers claiming authority to access the school records of students without the knowledge or consent of parents; and how the students learned to trust those officers for “one on one” talks filled with positive messages meant just for the kids? The vets of the wars that followed do. We identify those vets as friends and family, our neighbors, our coworkers, and even our legacy. The Department of Homeland Security identifies those vets as a potential threat.
(17) Since then we have SCOTUS decisions that identify people as property; fast-track legislation that asserts and confirms the darkest intent of the Patriot Act; police and military exercises that target pregnant woman, children, and seniors for assassination; and allegiance oaths administered to assault teams trained to attack schools, churches, and public gatherings. An entire generation of America’s youth have been raised under a dark cloud of hate crime laws, three-strike laws, wiretapping, drone strike double tapping, police militarization, and sophisticated propaganda campaigns waged upon society with no assurances as to public safety. This followed by an up and coming generation soon to be accused and/or convicted of imaginary crimes in the absence of injury or damages; and, held to account for imaginary debts in the absence of legal consideration or value.
(Today’s legal system is based upon law enforcement, which concentrates on pre-crime. Remember for a true crime to exist there must be a victim. A real live tangible person or persons.)
(18) “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal.” – Janet Reno, Attorney General Clinton administration
(The “system” is hell bent on instituting gun control because an oppressive government cannot fully institute its agenda without absolute control. It has become a theme to the point that the Federal Government will even institute false flag operations to create situations that “demand” common sense gun control. Remember “Fast and Furious”. This latest government promised us fundamental change. They have used crisis after crisis and distraction after distraction to distract people from the last crisis.)
(19) To align yourself in support of government policies bent upon the elimination of rights you think you will never need, exercised by folk you think you can’t respect; is to insure the deterioration of rights known to yourself as the source of courage, strength, and authority behind every meaningful stand you ever made, witnessed, or heard about. Natural law impels the truth, and your maker did not put you here to be powerless.
(The rights that we have in nature are considered pre-existing rights, those rights that pre-existed written law. The right to self-defense, the right to your pursuit of happiness, the right to the goods you worked for, your rights to privacy and your right to engage in activities that allow you to achieve a higher standard of living are all pre-existing rights that men themselves have no “right” to take. But we see today how those who want absolute control want to convince you that you should freely surrender those rights in the name of nanny state security.)
(20) The difference between a Federalist system and a Nationalist system is this; Federal acts upon the governing bodies, a National system acts upon the people. The governing bodies, in a federalist system are the state governments, the federal head works for them. This is why the Continental Congress would be elected by the State legislatures, and the president of the United States would be elected by the Continental Congress. Federal systems do not act upon the individual citizens, and therefore the individual citizens have no need to elect the President. A much greater power of influence upon law creation is left to the people in the form of Jury Mandates. In A Nationalist system, the “federal head” (no longer federal) acts upon the individual citizens of the Nation in their collective capacities. This allows the judiciary to promote discriminatory practices through its use of rescript and limited decisions identifying individual subjects at dispute as by their collective identities. Also, National laws, targeting collectives instead of individual citizens, serve to cultivate the suspicion, resentment, and fear needed to trick competing collectives into subduing one another, resulting in the mounting ideological oppressions, and to make the national campaigns more spectacular.
(Just look at the current election cycle. We now have the “established” politicians who are hell bent on destroying the front runner who was never part of their establishment. Trump, who rubbed elbows with the Clintons and supported them is now a Republican front runner. I am astounded, well maybe not that much, with how this election is playing out. The election system that was intended to protect us has been so dismantled and rearranged that many voters are simply disenfranchised. Myself I wonder if it is worth the gas money to go cast a vote.)
(21) A central government declaring itself a will independent of society, and equipped to act directly upon the individual, as a means of conscripting a National Society of fearful collectives into ideological combat, is the very expression of arbitrary power. The Nationalist oligarchy that decreed itself competent to protect your life, liberty, and property, did so upon theft of all property, punishment of all liberty, and murderous intent.
(If we look back across history we see that our own government over time has conducted experimentation upon the populace in disparate places. Some experiments rival that of the Nazis in the concentration camps in Germany. MK Ultra being just one of the many experiments conducted. The (not so) Patriot Act which gave us nothing more than more intrusion into our daily lives. Now we have right being classified as wrong, where whistle blowers are accused of treason when they expose how government is intruding ever deeper into our lives. We also have wrong being classified right where thugs (black lives matter movement) and politicians (Hillary’s private server) can engage in personal and civil dissent with impunity.
(22) The blessings of society allows the individual to prosper beyond his needs. This, in turn, allows the individual to provide beyond his needs. This simple equation makes obvious that a society made dependent and submissive to the will of its despotic government is defeated. That which ends in plunder began as plunder; and the natural dignity of man must be preserved within the boundaries of any system claiming legitimacy, otherwise that system has failed the test of legitimacy and must be abolished.
(Over time that which was called tribute, plunder, and fealty has taken on the softer name of taxes, fees, and fines. The “system” has carefully engineered how much time people can dedicate to politics and what they get to hear through the carefully controlled media outlets. We can only wonder what is true, what are lies, what the actual intent is, and whether we will ever know. Patriots are classified as terrorist and rioters are heralded as heroes. Our own government funds or kowtows to terrorist such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. The establishment is really pushing the envelope with “in your face” acts that most of us find repulsive. The bathroom distractions continue. I wonder if I identify as a President, can I just go live in the White House?)