Patriot’s Day

April 18, 2016, Patriot’s Day, a day to remember the sacrifices made by men of honor and character and wrenched the reigns of tyranny from the monarchy that ruled America so many years ago.
But today we have concerns, concerns that unjust and dishonorable men attempt to wrest that self-same liberty and freedom from the hands of the people where that freedom and liberty belong. There are those who would have us believe that our loyalties should lie with a person, rather than a document that outlines the rules and laws that were intended to hold a government in check. Today we see the ever hastening over reach of people who want to see America turn into whatever fanciful picture of America they imagine in their minds. They want to attempt methodologies on the people that will guarantee that the people will vote for the one who will give them the largest treasures from the public coffers. Public coffers that are so burdened in debt that it threatens to throw our entire country into financial chaos.
Most people will not even know that it is Patriot’s Day. Most people are unfamiliar with the constitution, why it was written and what the constitution’s intended purpose was. Most people have never ferreted out the Federalist Papers, Antifederalist Papers, or The Articles of Confederation to examine the trials and tribulations that went into the writing of laws that were intended to protect the public at large from tyranny. We would do well to teach our children that patriotism is loyalty to a set of ideals, the ideals that are outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
I will be running a multi part series in which we examine some of Thomas Paine’s writings, a man who was a true patriot.
A government restrained by moral virtue depends upon the well-being of society. -Paine [America] will present liberty everywhere crushed between standing armies,. – The Federalist No. XLI –
(1) Everyday people will rationalize their own starvation before blaming a government that can maintain their confidence. A people made more likely to sacrifice liberties to protect themselves than made competent to exercise liberties in defense of their homes and communities are either overly confident of their governments abilities, or they are a people who are made dependent and compliant enough to expedite operations involving their own subjugation or slaughter.
(2) To those that think history doesn’t matter, think again. This is our story.
(3) The federalist, no. LI- Madison-“… to protect one part of society from the other part-there are but two methods- [1] By creating a will in the community independent – of society; [or 2] By comprehending so many separate descriptions of citizens as will render – a Combination of [the] majority – very improbable – The second method will be exemplified… the [National] society – will be broken into so many parts, interests, and classes, [that] rights of individuals, or – minority[s] will be in little danger from interested combinations- EVEN THE STRONGER INDIVIDUALS ARE PROMPTED , BY THE UNCERTAINTY OF THIER CONDITION, TO SUBMIT TO- GOVERNMENT… among the great variety of interests, parties, and sects – a coalition- could seldom take place…[consequently] there must be less pretext- to provide for the security of the [minor party] by introducing into the government a will not dependent on the [major party], or, in other words, A WILL INDEPENDENT OF SOCIETY ITSELF.”
(4) The diffusion of Society, as indicated by Madison in the federalist LI, as the “method to be exemplified” in the extended compound, is the fragmentation and dispersal of societies cultural aspects across a large enough radius to obstruct, obscure, and obviate its organizational skills, for the stated purpose of compelling obedience, not by the merits or benefits of the laws, but by the bewilderment of the individual as to his conditional status, within a community immobilized by fear.
(5) Take yourself to anywhere in the world. Try your front porch, much like the front porches in Boston, during and immediately following the Boston Bombing. The wounded are made heroes, and Boston came up with a slogan: Boston Strong. But there was no strength in the people that day, only compliance to governmental policies, and police who would not be disobeyed. Government officials, with the help of the national media, trampled rough shod over the rights of individuals, whilst the people of Boston showed that any of us can be held captive and in awe by a police state incompetent to the task of making the necessary distinctions between “terrorists,” and the people of the community. Now imagine that same scenario continuing for weeks, months, or even years. Welcome to a war zone.
(6) The Federalist, No. XXVIII- Hamilton-“Extending the authority of the federal head to the individual citizens of the several states will enable the [federal] government to employ the ordinary magistracy of each, in the execution of its laws.- THIS WILL TEND TO DESTROY IN THE COMMON APPREHENSION ALL DISTINCTION FROM WHICH [the laws] PROCEED;- securing a DUE OBEDIENCE to its authority,- [resulting] FROM [the government] HAVING POWER TO CALL TO ITS ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT THE RESOURCES OF THE WHOLE UNION. THE LAWS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL BECOME THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.”
(7) This is what we witnessed at the Boston marathon bombing on April 15, 2013; its what we saw on July 20, 2012 at the theatre shooting in Aurora, Co, or the December 2012 rampage at Sandy Hook; it’s what we expect to see every time one or two assailants are killed in a shootout with police, leaving 14 dead in San Bernardino on December 4th 2015. It’s not something most Americans of the revolutionary period would have believed possible; however, Americans of today can’t imagine taking an active role in subduing attackers, even before police might arrive at the scene, or their government as anything less than relentless in the exercise of its authoritarian will. The same government that sits, heals, and stays on command of their paymasters, bullies the most economically repressed.
(8) So, as government forces are disinterested to the locals, the individuals is forsaken by that very same community, made more likely to rationalize each others destruction than to mobilize and execute resources in each other’s defense.
(9) The conquest of a people; of Americans; or of Bostonian’s, begins with a common belief in Nation, “freely” adopted by the great many. It did take hundreds of years of social engineering to convince regular folk to fight for Nation and against their own best interests. Governmental institutions have served to secure the behaviors and perceptions of the people over the course of many ages, beginning with the national saints, and as evidenced by ancient legal records stamped ‘Custom of Kingdom:’ recognized today as drug courts, family courts, and civil courts. The Nationalist State promotes myth superstition and prejudice from the oval office; the legislative offices; universities, and media outlets. From its inception to the present, the judiciary, by means of rescript, maxims, unwritten rules, limited decisions, opinions, and rulings of SCOTUS, is the cause of all discriminatory practices in this country. The executive possesses the sword, the legislature has the purse, and the judiciary provides the influence.
(10) “The purpose of education is not reading writing and arithmetic. The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, actions, and feelings of students. You have to get a hold of the minds of the young, where you break the person’s values; you break their understanding of their individuality; you bring them to consensus with a group; they become a member of the collective. You cannot expect to have a smoothly running socialist system when you have people out there who are going to object to what you are trying to do, so you have to brain wash them. – Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education for the Reagan Admin. Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt-
(11) Why are children so much more familiar with the myth, superstition and prejudice regarding axe wielding dead presidents with wooden teeth, skipping coins across rivers whilst slaves are chopping down cherry trees? Why so little time for tales of conscription, sedition, and rendition?
(12) As the senior policy advisor of education has just told us, that the purpose of education is to brain wash children, this may serve to explain why children are conscripted to school for first nine; then twelve; and soon thirteen years. The conditioning required to learn the lessons of helplessness and just world belief runs a high risk of extinction in the absence of perpetual schooling. Cowardice is learned behavior.