Dear GMF Voters,
This letter is to urge you be careful who you vote for this important Town election.

Lorrie Worthey is the best choice for Mayor. Her leadership brought civility and
decorum back to Town Board meetings. She has been very effective in forming partnerships with other municipalities and the County that will benefit GMF. She has been endorsed by our County Commissioner and the mayors of surrounding towns.
Her opponent, Jane Newberry, is not recommended for Mayor. When she was Trustee her voting record showed a reckless irresponsibility for the welfare of the
Town. Newberry voted to eliminate our Marshal’s Department. She voted to create
an unneeded position of Town Manager. She helped author a ridiculous Town
Manager employment contract that included extravagant benefits and a huge severance pay. The Town has never before given severance pay in its 120 year
For Trustee, please vote for Stevens, Gardiner, and Bratton to provide critical experience and stability. The “Smoother Roads” group is offering three candidates
with absolutely no experience as a Trustee. In 2012, new inexperienced people advocating big changes were added to the Board and utter chaos ensued. For the
next two years, the Town suffered from out of control meetings with shouting
matches, cursing, cutting off citizen input and trustees walking out of meetings. Our Town became the laughing stock of the region. Don’t let that happen again ! There
is no substitute for experience. Vote for people you know you can trust.

Dick Bratton, Former Mayor and Board Trustee