Vote Yes for Woodland Park

I don’t live in Woodland Park and will not be voting in the April 5th election. However as a resident of Divide, the happenings in Woodland Park have significant implications for all the residents of northern Teller County and the Ute Pass area. I urge Woodland Park citizens to vote yes on ballot issue 9.17. There have been many thoughtful comments in the letters to the editor, both pro and con. In my view the pros far outweigh the cons. Yes, it would have been nice to have a detailed process in place to guide council decisions and preclude errors in judgement and potential favoritism in decision making. But, I know this will be forthcoming in short order. Also folks, this is not Gotham City. Woodland Park is a delightful, but small mountain community. I have known Sally Riley for many years since she was president of the Community Partnership Board. To cast her as a powerful bureaucrat in the likes of big city operatives is a bit “over the top.” I have also worked with John Schafer on numerous projects for the betterment of our community. Some may match him, but I know of no one who is a straighter shooter, has more integrity or a greater concern for this community than John. So, please vote yes on 9.17 and help make Woodland Park and even better community with increased housing opportunities for our service workers, more amenities for our children and adults, and expanded economic opportunities. And while you are at it, vote yes on ballot issue 1 to support our schools. Our kids deserve it.

Sam Gould
Divide, Colorado