Concerns Voiced about Smoother Roads Group-Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to the citizens of Green Mountain Falls.

I am concerned with the Smoother Roads group and their ideals. They formed their group to “inform and educate” the public as to why they should be the candidates of choice for the upcoming Mayoral and Trustees election in April. This group of four persons set up a website to publish their ideals as the only ones good enough for the electorates’ choice. They did ignore another site by Mike Lohman whose purpose was to be medium for ALL CANDIDATES to openly present pertinent material for the public.

Their candidate for Mayor (Jane Newberry ) has tried to inform the public for some time now, including the past election, and has reported the info of the open meetings. These reports are very biased and she even changes words to her likeness, and admits to this as her opinion and NOT THAT OF THE SPEAKER. Plus, she did vote for the abolishment of the Marshal and also to form a City Manager position ( very costly) and removing much control from our citizens and council of the direction our town should follow.

She was part of the group that resigned and walked out of office, greatly hurting the town. She has done a wonderful job of getting grants for funding the town desperately needed, but refused to continue to perform as an approved person by the council to aid in relieving the town’s financial needs.

Mr. Thorne, being a very accomplished writer, has commented to the town council in such a negative manner without offering possible solutions.

The other two persons on their platform just seem to be very disgruntled and are only running to perform their personal agenda.

It is quite funny to look at the Smoother roads logo which is diamond and yellow. In Road directions, this means (diamond ) general warning and (yellow}means caution .

Yet on the other hand the Worthey, Bratton. Gardiner, and Stevens group has the PROVEN EXPERIENCE AND LEADERSHIP necessary for our town and can continue to improve on the fine basis that has already been started for the betterment of the Town.! This leadership (strengthened by training and continuing education), can only insure betterment of our lovely Town.

Dick Lackmond
Green Mountain Falls Citizen