Dear Editor:


As a longtime resident and parent in Woodland Park, I am glad to see that we the voters get the chance to approve building a new aquatic center for Woodland Park on November 4th. I have raised children from toddlerhood to adulthood in this fine city and firmly believe that building this aquatic center will boost our economic development and enrich our current and future citizens.
I am voting “YES” on 2A for my family and for the good of our fine city. My children were blessed to have had the chance to learn to swim before moving here. They learned in a community pool similar to where I would guess most of us learned to swim. I am so glad to know that young children growing up in Woodland Park will have that chance in the future.

In addition, since we have no intention of ever leaving our bit of paradise, my husband and I look forward to having this opportunity for recreation and rehab, should we ever need it, in the decades to come. A pool will benefit our youngest to our oldest.

Other communities, smaller than ours, have aquatic facilities, and Woodland Park needs this amenity. Please join me in voting “YES” on 2A.

Kathryn Perry 
Woodland Park