Dear Editor:

letterSheriff Ensminger, an alleged proponent of the 2nd Amendment, leads the state in revocations of concealed handgun permits – in 2013, he revoked nearly 10% of renewal applications under his discretionary power.  These were not revocations for arrests, restraining orders or domestic violence or mental health or addiction reasons, but revocations done at the personal discretion of the Sheriff.  There were more such revocations in Teller county in 2013 than in El Paso, Douglas, Fremont, Pueblo, Park, Denver, Weld, Arapahoe and Boulder counties combined, each of which processes thousands of applications.  Why does Sheriff Ensminger in tiny Teller County revoke more renewals than any other county in the state?


In 2013, 671 new and renewal applications were received by Teller County, but only 545 new permits were issued. Only 3 were denied because of arrest records, none for domestic violence, and none for mental illness or addiction, 10% of the renewal applications were denied under the Sheriff’s discretionary authority.  In 2010, when Sheriff Ensminger took office, there was only one revocation based on the Sheriff’s discretionary authority – clearly, this upsurge in revocations reflects a new anti-gun policy adopted by Sheriff Ensminger.


In contrast, for example, in neighboring Douglas County, in 2013, the Sheriff processed 1,495 renewal applications and denied only 1 under his discretionary authority, whereas in Teller County nearly 10% of renewal applications were denied.  Unless you believe that the population of Teller County is more lawless than Douglas County, Sheriff Ensminger is applying a different standard than Douglas County.  One could conclude that Sheriff Ensminger, the self-proclaimed 2nd Amendment advocate, is actually the most anti-gun Sheriff in the state of Colorado.  Sheriff Ensminger apparently believes that gun rights are not rights at all, but privileges that the Sheriff can or should deny at his pleasure.  I can only wonder how many of these discretionary revocations and denials are attributable to individuals being on Sheriff Ensminger’s political enemies list rather than denials or revocations made for legitimate reasons.


If gun rights are important to the citizens of Teller County, and I believe they are, you can protect those rights by voting Sheriff Ensminger out of office.  I would ask that you consider me as an alternative to this anti-gun Sheriff and please vote for me.



Mark Manriquez

Family, Community, Choice