Letter to the Editor


After the Green Mountain Falls Candidates Forum on March 20, I was approached by a citizen who questioned the reasons for Mayor Worthey’s absence from the event. I was able to speak with Worthey over the weekend. She asked The Mountain Jackpot to share the following letter with our readers. – Beth Dodd, TMJ Writer 
I regret not attending the Green Mountain Falls Candidates Forum this past Thursday. After watching it on YouTube, I realized that it was very well run. I appreciate Chris Frandina for organizing it, and appreciate the candidates who participated, especially Chris Quinn, for giving the people the chance to know him better.

After the explosive board meeting on Tuesday, March 18, and the obvious disregard for following protocol during public input, I was very skeptical about how this forum would be run. The date and time where chosen without consulting the candidates about their schedules. The questions were coming from a “cross-section” of the community and sealed. No information about the format was ever offered. I made the decision not to attend the meeting when I had not received any further information by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the forum. 

Thank you to the citizens who attended the event, as well as the candidates who participated, City Clerk Chris Frandina, and the moderator, Debbie Miller.

Lorrie Worthey
Mayor, Green Mountain Falls