GMF Trustee Candidate outlines qualifications


Dear Editor:

My name is Margaret Peterson and I am running for the position of Trustee for the town of Green Mountain Falls. I am a Green Mountain Falls native. I was one year old when my parents moved here in 1963. 
I have strong roots here. My parents were both involved community leaders. My father, Walter Peterson, was a Trustee for many years. He was Mayor Pro-Tem, Trustee in charge of the pool and Town Magistrate. My mother, Rita, planned many community activities including annual Halloween parties, Easter egg rolls, Yule Festival and Bronc Day events. 

I feel that running for the position of Trustee will continue the legacy of service to Green Mountain Falls that my parents started. 
Green Mountain Falls is my home. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I grew up playing in the parks, swimming at the pool and tromping through the mountains that surround the town. I attended Manitou schools from K to 12th grade. When Ute Pass Elementary opened, I was in the second grade. My grandson is now a Kindergartener there.

I am currently employed as the Financial Aid Administrator and VA Certifying Official for International Salon and Spa Academy. I work daily with many state and federal agencies keeping current on all matters regarding school and financial aid administration. My experience with these different organizations helps me to fully grasp the needs related to municipal leadership. I understand the legalities involved and the importance of following state statutes in conjunction with the town’s policies. 

I have volunteered in many areas in the Ute Pass Community including the Green Box Art Festival, Bronc Day, helping to promote the Chamber and the community, The Ute Pass Historical Society and Miramont Castle. I am an active advocate for our special needs children in Green Mountain Falls as a member of Fostering Hope. I was one of the founding members in 2008 when the Fostering Hope team was started. 

My strongest assets are my roots, community involvement and the training I have experienced working with different municipal, state and federal departments. I will continue to take advantage of the training opportunities that are available to advance my understanding in the workings of municipal government on a local, state and federal level. I will represent the residents of Green Mountain Falls with honesty, integrity, fairness and hard work. 
I look forward to meeting you.
Margaret Peterson
GMF Trustee Candidate