GMF Town Boss speaks his mind



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GMF Town Boss speaks his mind

As a public employee, I am limited to what I should say during election times. However at this moment, I feel that I have nothing to lose by speaking up. 

I am tired of all the lies about myself, my staff and the five trustees who actually get things done in this little hamlet. Listening to how scared our “engaged” community leader is, has exhausted me. I am weary from watching the manipulation of members of our fire department and the community as the misinterpretation of your local government has grown. Facebook and other media portals have become the devil’s radio, where misinformation is given credibility and offers fuel for an uncontrollable burn. In a word, the whole thing is “ridiculous.”

For those of you who are not aware, there is a very critical election on April 1 in Green Mountain Falls (GMF). The current mayor and the Concerned Citizens of Green Mountain Falls (CCGMF) appear to be attempting a hostile takeover of your municipality, and if successful, all you GMF property owners and residents are going to see some big changes, and you are not going to like them. 
All three of the CCGMF leaders have stated to me (either directly or in my presence) that they support the disincorporation of GMF, and have already put into motion damages that will take several years to reverse. They have implied that their wish is for El Paso County to take over the municipal operation and fold it into unincorporated services they will or will not be providing. 
We already know that a huge gap exists between what GMF offers and what the surrounding communities are missing. Does the CCGMF really wish to see the Gazebo Lake and the municipal pool filled in, and the parks and recreational opportunities dissipate, or are they still upset because Dick Bratton lost the mayoral run in 2012?

Then again, how can we expect the CCGMF to identify fiscal responsibility when their intent is to bankrupt the town, made evident by recall petition applications and citizen initiative/referendum submissions, the cost of which is borne on the GMF taxpayers via special elections. At a recent Board of Trustee meeting, one supporter even stated, “It does not matter how much it costs; it only matters what the people want.” If I ran a business like that, I would be out of business very quickly.

Green Mountain Falls is faced with the most important election in decades. The municipality has been operating with flat-lined revenues and escalating costs for over 10 years now, and has not had a good mayor for almost 20. 

Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, someone with a torch who is unafraid and will do that which is necessary to save Green Mountain Falls from itself. If you are a registered voter in GMF and you are not voting, then you are part of the problem. For those of you who are voting, you need to think about who you are voting for, while you look at your property values. Research the candidate’s track record for helping your municipality, through grant writing and creating tangible improvements. The rest is just gas, and frankly I am tired of listening to it. This is where the rubber hits the road voters, and if the CCGMF is successful in their attempted coup d’état, it will take decades to reverse the damages done.

You will get what you vote for, so quickly educate yourself and think about the immediate future. WE are all depending on you, and it is the one anonymous thing you can do to help. 
Please take 20 minutes and vote on April 1.
Robert McArthur
Interim GMF Town Manager