Shining Mountain to undergo major image change

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In a series of recent announcements, former property owner and computer software maverick John McAfie has repurchased a large portion of the Shining Mountain development from Greggi Brown, as part of a major $40 million bid to convert the business into a state-of-the-art High Country Yoga Retreat Center.

In addition, he has hired Shining Mountain General Manage and former greens superintendent Jodie Halie as the head Yoga Master. This summer, the development will host a 10-day Rocky Mountain Yoga Training Festival, with an estimated 5,000 participants.

No immediate changes are expected for the golf course, but the clubhouse and conference center could get dismantled this summer in preparation for McAfie’s latest venture. Also, preliminary plans call for a lavish shooting range on a section of the current real estate lots, along the back nine links area. “I am glad to get back to Woodland Park and enjoy a place where the national media will leave me alone. Also, with the pro-gun culture up here in Teller County, this setting should work out well for my lifestyle.”

Since late 2012, McAfie has been a subject of interest in the murder of Gregory Fall, a retired builder on the island of Ambergris Caye where McAfie previously lived. For months, McAfie, who claimed his life was in danger, eluded Belize authorities and even conducted bizarre interviews with representatives of the national media. He eventually got deported back to the United States after trying to take asylum in a neighboring country to Belize. McAfie, who has lived in Portland, Oregon for a number of months, is currently working on novel regarding his times in Belize. Ironically, he was the former owner of the Shining Mountain property, and actually oversaw the initial construction of the front nine section of the golf course, but pulled the plug on the project due to cost concerns. He then tried to negotiate a sales deal with Woodland Park City Manager Don Howelli, a former plantation owner in Alabama. McAfie eventually struck a deal with Hideakkki Fujaki, who gained quite a colorful reputation for wining and dining local elected leaders and their spouses for a $500,000 price tag, hosting lavish parties and ridding the course of any tax payments.

“The Japanese know how to make it happen,” quipped McAfie, in describing the good days. “Maybe, we can avoid property taxes like Wommacki Ministries. I don’t believe in money anymore, so this is a definite non-profit designation.” During his stint in Woodland Park, McAfie’ former lavish 10,000 square-foot residence featured several guest homes, apartments, trout lakes, a horse stable and meditation and yoga studios, and gained legendary status. McAfie became known as one of the region’s more eccentric real estate/mansion barons, and also gained acclaim for his unique gun collection.

McAfie is quite ecstatic over his choice as Halie as the Yoga Master, who specializes in a 17th century Yoga technique and a strong sense of discipline. “I have just the cure to deal with the cheating, sand bagging and creative scoring antics for the publishers of the Mountain Crackpot and some special members of the DDA. Even Scoooter from our staff will be happy. They won’t be permitted to keep score on a golf course for five years and will gain much more peace and harmony from my training. My discipline may even correct the golf swing ailments of photographer Charlie Clambers. But let’s not get too ambitious. That’s the worst swing on the planet since basketball legend Charles Barklay. “This is win-win for everyone. You can’t have a better combination than Yoga, Golf and Guns,” added Halie.

“This will be a great addition to Woodland Park,” said Woodland Park Mayor Dave Turlie. “It will bring a new element to our community. We are glad to welcome back Mr. McAfie, who may help us with some extra media attention. This way we don’t have to deal with that stupid Teller County Talks Gibberish group.”