From Cresson Elementary


To the editor

From Cresson Elementary
By: Miriam Mondragon
Nature isn’t the only thing full of activity in the springtime. 3rd through 6th grade students at Cresson Elementary have been working hard on their TCAP assessments since the week of March 4th. I am sure that after so many test sessions, our students & teachers will be ready for Spring Break the week of March 25th.
This year, CC-V School District sent three teams to the Destination Imagination Competition in Calhan. Cresson’s fourth grade team earned second place and The DaVinci Award with their rendition of The Three Little Pigs…with a twist. Our High School team also earned second place with their improvisation of a world without video games. Cresson’s 5th grade team delighted the audience with their improvisation-“if you can drink a brick out of a cup, you win a T-shirt.” CC-V School District students truly showed their creativity and ingenuity this year! A big thank you goes out to all of our team leaders, students, and Mrs. Mowery for all of their hard work and dedication.
Cresson completed our Pennies for Patients fundraiser last Thursday 3/07/2013. We did not meet our goal of $1,000 but students were able to bring in enough change to give us a GRAND total of $782.46! Mrs. Christison’s class won the pizza party with their impressive $157.45! Mrs. Dvorak and Mrs. Lohmeier’s class came in close behind them with $122.67! Our representative from Pennies for Patients was delighted! She didn’t expect that much money from a small school. Thank you to all of our students, parents and staff members who helped raise money for children battling leukemia. A very special thank you to Mrs. Heida and Student Council for counting change every week and helping make this fundraiser a success!
Cresson Elementary is now taking pre-orders for our 2012-13 yearbooks. Yearbooks are only $10! Come and pre-order your yearbook today!