Kudos to Mad Dog Murph

Kudos to Mad Dog Murph for addressing one aspect of the so-called Green Movement. Last week he wrote about a conversation he had with someone about his leather biker gear. He pointed out to this young person who complained about leather coming from cows, that the synthetic material, presumably some type of vinyl, relies on the petroleum industry in order to produce this popular synthetic.

Going “green” involves much more than what elite liberals like Al Gore have proposed. And Al Gore has shown his true colors. He is a hypocrite. Not only does he own several trophy homes in the U.S. and drive an enormous SUV, he recently sold his liberal television station, Current, to Al Jazeera, an organization benefiting greatly from the politically incorrect petroleum industry.

One honest green contribution we all can make, though, that benefits everyone, is to recycle plastic, glass, tin, paper and cardboard. But there are some restrictions.

And like Mad Dog Murph, I too, think the past practice of using glass bottles that were returned to the bottling plant would be a viable and profitable alternative to the damn plastic bottles that litter the roadsides and the National Forest. How difficult would it be for the Semi Trucks that haul the soda from the bottling plant or distribution center to the stores, to just haul the empties back? Other states have a deposit on bottles…why can’t we do that here in Colorado ?

In the meantime, we recently lost the recycling center at our local Walmart here in Woodland Park , due to the irresponsible behavior of some of our local citizens…and perhaps a few tourists.

Before the Recycling Center at Walmart was closed, Waste Management even hired a very nice young man to spend about eight hours a day at the Recycling Center in Walmart’s parking lot, to educate people about how to recycle in a responsible way.

I have been an avid recycler for quite a few years, and have had some questions about what is really recyclable.

Last week I contacted Bestway Disposal down in Colorado Springs , and spoke to a very nice gentleman about some of my questions. He referred me to their web site. If you are into recycling, please read the information below that I copied from www.bestwaydisposal.com.

What can I recycle?

Bestway has one of the most comprehensive recycling programs in the area. As technology evolves, we’ll continue to look for ways to expand the list of items you can recycle. Right now, you can combine these recyclable items into a single cart:

Cardboard (flattened, please do your best to make sure it fits inside your cart completely.)
Office paper
Junk mail
Phone books
Brown paper bags
Newspapers and all inserts
Plastic containers #1-#7
Glass bottles and jars
Aluminum cans and foil
Steel and tin cans
Empty aerosol cans
Coffee Cups

Are there items I am not allowed to recycle?

There are some items that technology has not allowed us to recycle at this point in time. Sometimes these items are multiple materials pressed together or they may contain materials that we are unable to handle. When this changes we will notify you of that change. The list below gives some items we cannot take in your recycle stream. Keep these in mind when you are shopping if possible. Call us if you have a question about a specific item not listed below.

Plastic grocery bags, as these get caught in the processing equipment.(Please return to the store)
Ice Cream containers
Styrofoam including packing peanuts
Juice boxes
Blister packs
Zip-lock type bags
plastic lids or caps to creamers or bottled water/soda , etc.

Anything with food waste still inside of the container.
Bags from inside paperboard containers such as inside a cereal box
Automotive chemical containers such as motor oil or antifreeze
Pesticide containers
tissues, napkins or paper towels (used or unused)

These two “Do’s and Don’ts” lists are quite informative. One thing I recently learned, however, is that the plastic trays that meat is packaged in, even though labeled with a 7, are not recyclable. This is considered Styrofoam.

So go Green in an honest way. At this time, all the items listed above as currently recyclable can be recycled at the Divide Transfer Station, but please pay attention to the restrictions in place. Waste Management uses Bestway as their contractor for the recycling side of their business. At this point in time, recycling is free at the Transfer Station in Divide.


C. Mahrholz