Woodland Park High School…. new rule

Woodland Park High School previously enforced a new rule regarding bathroom use. The students of WPHS now have these square yellow passes, including 8 spaces requiring a signature. Students have a rough time as is to scurry to their classes. None the less, are expected in that 6 minute passing period to use the restroom. These passing periods are more often than not used wisely… I myself get out of my class, have enough time to stop at my locker for any needed materials, and then hurry to class before the bell rings. Our school is not small and takes a little time to get across. Whether it’s the clustering crowds in the halls, or people attempting to stop you for a quick chat. As you can see there is no time to stop and use the restroom. These yellow passes are intended to last us a semester which is half the school year. That means that during class, you most likely are going to have to “hold it” or use one of you bathroom passes… Keep in mind that once you are out, that’s it. “Holding it” comes not only with discomfort of students but also health hazards. These may include bladder infections, Interstitial Cystitis, Kidney Failure, and many more. Students have tried to put an end to this hazardous rule, but no one seems to listen to us. When you have to go, you have to go. And this doesn’t even include what happens when women are on their cycles… What do you want us to do bleed in your chair? Have fun cleaning it up because although we aren’t allowed to go, staff can as they please… Our school is turning into a hypocritical Dictatorship. I Kyrie Kirkpatrick, think the city should know how our schools, funded by our people are treating us students… poorly and unfair.