Teller County Government Leaders Demand Ouster of Colorado GOP Chairman

Editor’s Note: The following letter was submitted to TMJ News, and was signed by key elected leaders of Teller County, and the cities of Woodland Park, Cripple Creek and Victor. It refers to email comments made by Dave Williams, the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. Dave Williams is also a candidate for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District seat, being vacated by Doug Lamborn. More notably, the letter takes issue with a call on social media by the state GOP Party, requesting to “Burn all the #pride flags this June.”

Official Letter Issued, Following “Burning of Pride Flags” Threat

We were recently made aware that the Colorado Republican Party issued a call to burn all Pride Flags.

As elected officials of Teller County and our incorporated cities, we represent all of our constituents and have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Colorado Constitution.

These documents afford and guarantee the right to assemble and free speech to all of us and will be fully protected in Teller County. Furthermore, property rights and personal property, including any flag flown on private property, will also be protected. We condemn any attempt to abridge the freedoms of any law-abiding group or individual in the State of Colorado, and it will not be tolerated in Teller County.

This call to burn pride flags was authorized and approved by the State Party Chairman and is not reflective of the Republican Party in Colorado and does not reflect the views of the Teller County Elected Officials of either party. We are calling for the immediate removal of Mr. David Williams, the Chair of the Colorado GOP, for continuing to incite hatred and further division in Colorado.

Robert W. Campbell – Chairman, Teller County Board of Commissioners, Dan Williams – Vice-Chairman, Teller County Board of Commissioners, Erik Stone – Teller County Commissioner, Kellie Case – Mayor, City of Woodland Park, Annie Durham – Mayor, City of Cripple Creek, Barbara Manning – Mayor, City of Victor