WPSD Adopts Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum for 2024-25 Academic Year

The following was a press release submitted by the Woodland Park School District.

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) announces an exciting step forward in its commitment to providing students with an enriching and comprehensive education. Beginning in the Fall 2024-25 school year, the district will implement the esteemed Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) curriculum for grades K-5.

“We are excited about the possibilities that CKLA brings to our classrooms. By providing a strong foundation in language arts and connecting it to a broader body of knowledge, we aim to prepare our students for success in both academic and real-world contexts,” said Ken Witt, Superintendent.

The CKLA curriculum is designed to support educators in delivering high-quality instruction and ensuring students acquire the necessary skills at each grade level. It places a strong emphasis on language development, reading comprehension, and writing proficiency while incorporating diverse perspectives and cultures. WPSD is confident this curriculum will elevate academic achievement and cultivate a love for learning in students across all grade levels.

“The decision to adopt CKLA aligns with WPSD’s dedication to excellence in education; a solid foundation in language arts is pivotal for our students’ academic success and lifelong learning,” added Superintendent Witt. “The Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum provides a structured and cumulative framework that enhances literacy skills while integrating essential knowledge from science, history, and the arts, contributing to a well-rounded education.”

“As part of the implementation process, ample professional development opportunities will be provided to teachers to ensure a smooth transition to the CKLA curriculum,” stated Kim Moore, Chief Academic Officer. “The district is committed to supporting educators in effectively utilizing this curriculum and supporting resources to maximize its impact on student learning.”

For more information on CKLA, please visit the Core Knowledge website.

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