Green Box Receives Initial Nod for Major Installation at Gazebo Island

Rick Langenberg

The Green Box art group is not going to rest on their laurels for past signature, artistic installations in Green Mountain Falls that often showcase a unique blend of rare lighting, special effects and modernistic, natural sculptures.

Last week, town leaders gave the initial nod for their newest proposed installation, featuring the work of Australian artist James Tapscott, showcasing a sculptural, “Arch of Mist” lighted ring across the bridge at the Gazebo. Tapscott has done projects throughout the country and other parts of the world, including the likes of Australia, Italy, Austria and Japan. More recently, he completed a research-based residency in the United States, hosted by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

The display will be exhibited at the Gazebo Island from late June until late October. According to his website, and an online description compiled by the Arizona-based Canal Convergence site, Tapscott is described as a “contemporary land artist and pioneer of experimental light. His work is primarily outdoors and site responsive, encompassing sculpture and photography. His collaborative approach to working with a particular site creates a carefully constructed sensory experience for the viewer. The experience is designed to be subliminal and non-objective and to create a heightened understanding of natural phenomena and our ability to transcend traditional modes of perception.”

Jesse Stoope, a representative of Green Box, approached the trustees last week regarding a conditional use permit for the installation. He described the installation as a combination of a variety of artistic modes and elements but cautioned that it would require a certain amount of water from the town. “We would need water,” said Stroope. He expressed much optimism about the project and believes the display will be well-received by visitors and local residents.

His work is exhibited in many big and small locales throughout the world. Tapscott has reportedly done more recent work in Boulder.

The timing of the installation would be done to mesh with the repair work undertaken at the Gazebo bridge, which is currently in dire straits. If the timing of the bridge repairs doesn’t occur on schedule, then the installation will probably occur in the Gazebo Park, noted Stroope.

Green Box is no newcomer to rare and bold installations that have commanded mainstage attention, including a musical swinging chairs exhibit, to a special display over the lake that probably rivaled special lighting effects from a Pink Floyd or Taylor Swift show.  In fact, some of the Green Box works have been exhibited at top museums across the country.

More recently, it opened the Green Mountain Falls Skyspace, highlighting the work of James Turrell.

During last week’s meeting, the trustees greeted the conceptual display with open arms. But Mayor Todd Dixon wanted to make sure that the lighting and special effects could be turned off for weddings.

The Gazebo island is a prime spot for wedding ceremonies and parties during the summer.

Stroope assured the trustees that this could occur with the simple process of clicking off a switch.

According to town officials, the repairs associated with the Gazebo structure are planned for completion around Memorial Day.