Cripple Creek Firefighter in the Hunt for National Title

District Commander Sarah Tobin Congratulates Kevin as the District Fire Fighter of the Year

American Legion Representatives Announce Local and State Winner

Rich Ingold, Victor-Cripple Creek American Legion Post 171

Each year, the National American Legion recognizes Fire Fighters and Police Officers of the Year in a competitive nomination process.

Cripple Creek Fire Chief Joe O’Conor earlier nominated Kevin Fisher, a Fire Fighter II designated member of the department, to the Victor-Cripple Creek American Legion Post 171 for submission into the competition.  A nomination package was prepared during the holidays and submitted first to the District level.  If  selected,  his nomination would have advanced to the Department of Colorado competition, and then the National competition.  The package stressed him as being more than a person who not only saves buildings and lives, but also someone committed to the service needs beyond the station.

To date, Kevin Fisher has emerged as a preliminary winner in the early stages of this Firefighter of the Year competition. He will now represent Colorado in the national competition, according to local Legion representatives.

In the station, Kevin is known as  an impressive, friendly, outgoing ambassador for the Fire Department, a multi-vehicle qualified driver, an Emergency Medical Technician IV, Wildland Firefighter II, and also skilled in hazardous materials operations.  Kevin expertly responds to calls around the clock during his shift.  The calls encompass all kinds of accidents, illnesses, structures, and wildland fires not only in Cripple Creek but throughout much of Teller County.

Past Department of Colorado Commander Chip Kossow Announces Kevin as the Legion’s State of Colorado Fire Fighter of the Year

He understands and negotiates the winding, narrow, and treacherous mountain roads and driveways as a driver of pumper, wildland, and aerial fire trucks.  As an example of his expertise, he, the CCFD crew, and other fire departments responded at night to a fully involved house fire on a heavily wooded ridge in the county.  The house was up an almost impassable, snow-covered driveway a 1,000 feet beyond and 400 feet above the plowed paved road.  Kevin managed to drive his engine to the top under the direction of the incident commander while the other units stalled below.  Having his engine at the site allowed the crew to control the flames with their hoses and water while others connected long lines to the units below.  Kevin and fellow responders were able to prevent the flames from touching off a disastrous wildland fire into the adjacent community.

His commitment to service extends well beyond his involvement with the Cripple Creek Fire Department.

As an Army veteran, Kevin was qualified as a paratrooper in jump school at Ft. Benning, GA in 1988.  Currently, he is accepted into and planning a round-canopy parachute jump in Normandy to honor WW II veterans in June 2024 on the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.  He recently retrained in Florida on his own time and expense to qualify for the coming Normandy jump.  This is a tribute to his patriotism and dedication to remembering those who actually jumped into hostile fire and intense combat on D-Day.