Sports Predictions for 2024

How Colorado Teams will Fare in the Coming Year

Trevor Phipps

After 2024 made its way to the calendar, many are hopeful to see their favorite sports teams earn a way to the playoffs; and better yet, secure a championship trophy. For several years, being a professional sports fan in Colorado was tough, especially during the summer and fall.

After Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos in 2015, the state didn’t have any teams reach the goal of becoming world champions until recently. The Colorado Avalanche were the first to break the statewide slump when they took home the Stanley Cup in 2022.

Then the Denver Nuggets wanted some of the action and came up with the NBA Champions title last year. So now that Colorado sports teams have come out of the woodworks, local fans are expecting more success.

Here are some predictions from your favorite sports writer on how local sports teams could fare in 2024 and beyond.

Denver Broncos

Well, the 2023 season for the Broncos ended as most expected, without a chance at the big game. Even though the team shockingly pulled off a five-game winning streak mid-season, it turned out to be just a tease

After the Broncos lost to the Patriots and got basically eliminated from postseason action, the team made yet another surprising move. After Week 16 the Broncos made the decision to bench their starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, for what they called “football reasons.”

But everyone already knew this decision was all about money because if he got hurt, the Broncos would be on the hook for another $30 million+ if they choose to get rid of him after this season. After the Wilson benching move, all signs have pointed towards the fact that Wilson played his last game under center as a Bronco on Christmas Eve against the Pats.

Therefore, the Broncos will once again be looking at starting from scratch for the 2024 season. In fact, during every off-season since Peyton Manning left in 2015, the Broncos have looked for either a starting quarterback, a head coach or both.

As a result, I am not real hopeful about Bronco success during the 2024 NFL season. It seems like every year, the team struggles because they go out on the field with a new lineup, and the players are just not in sync with each other.

This year I think we will see more of the same. Depending on who the Broncos end up choosing to lead their team next season, they probably will struggle at least in the beginning of the season.

To make a long story short, I would not make any wagers on the Broncos competing in the Super Bowl, or for that matter, any playoff games.  Most evidence points to another disappointing season.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets thrilled fans last year when they made it to the Finals and won for the first time in franchise history. And so far this year, the Nuggets are looking good, but they don’t seem quite as stellar as they were last in the 2022/2023 season.

At the start of 2024, the Nuggets were in third place in their Western Conference, which they completely dominated last season. Unfortunately, for this year, the team is apparently facing better competition across the board.

Overall, I think the Nuggets will make the playoffs again. But they probably will not return to the finals.

Colorado Avalanche

Even though the Avs lost in the playoffs last year, many of their fans are still dreaming of the days back in 2022 when they brought the Stanley Cup back to the Mile High City for the third time.  The team has looked good since they achieved their World Champion status, and this year they appear to be back on top

The Avs are currently in first place in their Central Division, but the Winnipeg Jets and the Dallas Stars are right behind them. But the Avs look pretty evenly matched with all of the leaders in the Western Conference.

I think the Avs will return to the playoffs this season.  More notably, they won’t get eliminated in the first round like they did last year. But that said, I don’t think the Avs will emerge as the winners in the quest for St. Stanley in 2024.

Colorado Rockies

Last year, the Rockies racked up their worst season in franchise history. It seems like during the offseason, Rockies’ fans are hopeful that the team will do something to turn things around. But they end up with the same losing record, a plight they have encountered for the last few seasons.

And at this point, I think it would take quite a lot of roster changes to make the team good enough to have a winning season. I personally wouldn’t put any money on the Rockies going to the playoffs this year or any other time soon.

Colorado State Rams

The Rams looked decent this year compared to seasons in the past. In fact, they just missed the chance at a bowl game and fared much better than earlier dooms-day predictions. For the coming fall season, Head Coach Jay Norvell will be in his third year with the Rams. Moreover, I  like the changes he has brought to the team.

I think the Rams will be greatly improved next season and will earn a winning record. I think they will see some lower-level bowl game, but they will not be Mountain West contenders.

Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado Buffaloes Head Coach Deion Sanders has promised the city of Boulder and entire state that he is here to stay. He has already done some preliminary pre-season work on his team, and I expect him to especially focus on the team’s offensive line.

However, with the Buffs switching to the Big 12 next year, I bet they will have another tough schedule. I think we can plan on seeing more of the same from the Buffs this fall. They will fall just below a .500 record for the season.

Air Force Falcons

Air Force fans were thrilled last December when the Falcons broke their four-game losing streak with a big win over the number 25-ranked James Madison team during the Armed Forces Bowl. The team showed that they can work through adversity and come up with a good game after they were riddled with injuries.

Last season, the Falcons had several quarterbacks, and the starter wasn’t decided until right before their first game. Next season the Falcons should be able to use that depth to put together another stellar team that qualifies for a more prestigious bowl game, compared to what they played in during the 2003 season. Injuries plagued the team from possibly securing their best-ever mark. We don’t know if they will achieve that goal in 2024, but they will find themselves playing in a pretty well-known Bowl game, with a lot more on the line for them than just an Armed Forces Bowl showdown.