Will the Denver Broncos Get an Early New Years’ Gift?

Enjoy Final Season Games at Your Favorite Hangout

It’s onto Week 17 in the NFL, and the clock is ticking for the Denver Broncos to have any hopes of securing a playoff spot. Yes, the Denver Broncos/Russell Wilson Comeback Tour is still alive, and headed for a mini finale.

The Broncs host the LA Chargers at Empower Field at Mile High this Sunday in a must-win situation regardless of playoff implications. This one is a critical game, and one that may help restore relations between Quarterback Russell Wilson and Coach Sean Payton. Payton is still incurring media wrath for turning into a madman during the earlier Detroit Lions game (in a temper-fueled exchange with Wilson that captured national attention) and then telling the media folks to mind their own business. According to the coach, who makes no pretentions that he holds the reins of the team in a more hard-hitting Bill Belichick/Bill Parcells style, “what is said on the football field, stays on the football field.”

That would have been fine, except the Broncs got demolished, and this incident didn’t help their cause.

But that is all behind us now.  Let’s try to act civil and show some respect, and not like we are attending a Woodland Park RE-2 School Board meeting.

Game time is set for 2:25 on New Year’s Eve. A perfect time to begin the festivities for welcoming the New Year.  A big Broncos win could help propel those New Year’s parties at your favorite hangout.

The Broncos will be the predominate favorite in this match-up due to the way they dominated the Chargers in a previous game about a month ago. The Chargers are without their star quarterback, so the Broncs really control the fate of this game. Trevor Phipps of TMJ is predicting a fairly big Broncos’ victory.  That’s not good in viewing his past record of Bronco picks.

But most insiders are sharing these sentiments.

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