Broncos Battle the Hated Patriots on Christmas Eve

Will Santa Put Coal or Goodies in Our Stockings?

It’s onto Week 16 in the NFL, and it’s prime time again for local fans. Only this time, it’s on Christmas Eve, with festive caroling, church services, Santa welcoming parties; and yes, the definite hope for a Denver Broncos victory that will further their prospects of obtaining a playoff spot. Yes, the Denver Broncos/Russell Wilson Comeback Tour is slated for Sunday night special, as the Broncs host the New England Patriots.

Hang onto your seat and get ready for the wild ride.  Many insiders are still comparing this year with “Tebow Time,” when a previous Broncos team overcame a dismal start (just like 2023) and rode their way to the playoffs, led by the unorthodox style of Tim Tebow. Unfortunately for Tim, that sprint to the playoffs marked his peak as an NFL quarterback as he couldn’t just adapt to the big leagues and the type of quarterbacking required for survival.

But it’s not time to rehash the past and shed tears for Tim Tebow.  He is doing quite fine as a media personality.    The Denver Broncos are still lingering on the edge of the playoffs, looking to end a nearly decade-long, post-season drought.  And for the first time in years, fans in Broncos Country are excited for a change, and ready to cheer their team on.

On Christmas Eve, the Broncos face the Patriots, a team they and their fans completely despised years ago, at 6:15 at Empower Field. Perfect time for a needed break from the regular pre-Christmas outings.

The Patriots aren’t the powerhouse team of the past, with Tom Brady at the helm, but they have shown promise in recent games.  According to most insider accounts, the Broncs must win their remaining games to secure a spot in post-season action. So, it’s “do or die,” baby.

Unfortunately, results from the Detroit Lions game weren’t available prior to press time, so we can’t make any specific comments about the playoff scenario, which seems to change on an hourly basis.

Besides the Broncos, a spree of great games is in store for Week 16, as the season creeps to a conclusion.

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