Board of County Commissioners Appoint Treasurer

The Teller County Board of County Commissioners has appointed Krystal Brown to fill the vacant Teller County Treasurer and Public Trustee office. Brown is an experienced and professional public servant, having served nearly 10 years as Teller County’s Clerk and Recorder. The BOCC interviewed three candidates for the position, and chairman Erik Stone stated that Brown’s background had the experience, integrity, and professionalism to step in to finish the term of recently retired Treasurer and Public Trustee Mark Czelusta. “Krystal has been a trusted public servant in Teller County for a decade. Her dedication to customer service, her detail-oriented demeanor, and the trust that she has earned from Teller County residents made her an excellent choice for Treasurer and Public Trustee”, said Stone. Ms Brown will assume her duties immediately upon swearing in on January 2nd.