Prahl Takes on the Nation’s Best at the Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship

The following is a press release submitted by the WP Elite

On December 9th, local athlete Landri Prahl showcased her skill on the national stage, competing against the country’s top 13-14 year-old female distance runners at the USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country (JO XC) Championship in Louisville, KY. Prahl, not only held her ground but finished in an impressive 86th place out of a competitive field of 366 participants, achieving a new personal record (PR) of 15:14 in the 4K race.

Prahl’s journey to the National JO XC Championships began in early June 2023, when most kids, especially middle school kids, are enjoying their summer away from school and trying to avoid anything that looks like work, Landri committed herself to rigorous training, joining the WP Elite runners group six days a week at the early hour of 6:30 am.

Coming off a successful middle school cross country season, Prahl could have patted herself on the back and put away her running shoes until track season rolled around in March. However, she chose a different path, dedicating herself to exploring the extent of her potential as a distance runner. The day after her cross country season concluded in October, she resumed training, determined to push her limits, lacing up her trainers and getting back to work.

In the subsequent seven weeks, Prahl maintained a disciplined daily training routine, often running solo or accompanied by her friend Lucy. Notably, her training regimen evolved to prepare her for a 4K race, a significant shift from the 1.5-3.2K distances she covered during her cross country season. Her commitment and hard work paid off in Louisville.

To qualify for the Nationals, Prahl first competed in a challenging Colorado race, clocking an impressive time of 16:43 in her inaugural 4K. Subsequently, she advanced to a regional race in El Paso, TX where she set a new PR of 16:03. Her stellar 12th place finish against elite runners from the southwest states secured her spot at the National JO XC Championship race, where she achieved her impressive 15:14 PR.

Jeremy Grier, Prahl’s club coach throughout her journey, praised her as a shining example of goal-setting, meticulous planning, and determination. “Landri is a great example of someone that set a goal for herself, came up with a plan to reach her goal, and then had the work ethic and determination to execute her plan,” said Coach Grier.

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