NFL Outlook for Week 11

Top Games to Watch as Season Hits Climatic Period; D-Day Approaching For Broncos


Trevor Phipps


Well at this point the verdict is still out on the Denver Broncos, and whether they can make a glorious comeback this season or not.
The good news: Denver’s schedule is rather easy going forward.The bad news: They need to play more like how they did against the Chiefs and Packers, and less like they played in the beginning of the season.  There is no time now for mistakes and inconsistencies, if the Broncs want to sneak into the playoffs.  In fact, it seems their offense does well for one game and their defense doesn’t, and then it switches for the next game.


If the Broncos can keep both sides of the ball dialed in, they actually look like a decent team. But who knows what will happen.


This week the Broncos have somewhat of a challenge. They play Sunday night at 6:20 p.m., and they take on the Minnesota Vikings at home during a PrimeTime game.


The Vikings struggled for the first part of the season, but they seemed to have turned things around. The Vikings are missing their star QB Kirk Cousins, but QB Josh Dobbs has stepped in and helped his team win four games in a row.


Therefore, I think the Vikings will come out ahead with the recent momentum they have gained with their new QB. But I think you can expect the game to be close due to the Broncos having home field advantage.


Prediction: Vikings 31, Broncos 27


Other Top Games to Watch


Starting on Thursday night, the NFL this week is packed with quality matches. On Thursday, the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Baltimore Ravens.


This game should be worth watching since it is a division rivalry match. The Ravens are sitting on top of the AFC North Division while the Bengals are at the bottom of the barrel.

However, the Bengals have improved quite a bit lately and they shouldn’t be counted out. But I am still going to say the Ravens take this one, but it will be close.


Then on Sunday morning another rivalry match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns takes place. To me, this one is sort of a toss-up because both teams have lost some games they probably should have won.


The two teams have been nearly neck and neck most of the season. But they will both be hungry for a much needed win because the AFC North is very competitive this season with every team having more wins than losses.


But since this one is being played in Cleveland; I think it give the Browns a slight advantage. I think the Browns will come out on top in the end, but it will be a close and gruesome match.


On Sunday afternoon, I think the best game to turn on will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams seem to have seen better times lately, but they will both be looking for something to prove.


The Bucs have been hit or miss this season, but they aren’t far away from the top spot in their NFC South Division. The 49ers on the other hand looked stellar before losing three games in a row.


But I think the Niners will come back in this one and prove they are still playoff worthy.


AFC West Predictions


Sunday morning the Las Vegas Raiders travel south to take on the Miami Dolphins. Both teams at this point seem to be questionable.


The Dolphins once seemed unstoppable, but they haven’t recently looked as stellar as they once were. The Raiders seem to be slightly improving, but I really don’t have high expectations for them this year.


Prediction: Dolphins 33, Raiders 16


The Los Angeles Chargers then travel north to take on the Green Bay Packers also on Sunday morning. This is another match with two mediocre at best looking teams that may not be worth watching.


The Packers look like they could be on the verge of making a comeback this season but they have lost quite a few already. And the Chargers just don’t seem like they are really tough this season.


But it’s always hard to play at the deathly cold Lambeau Field in Green Bay.


Prediction: Packers 24, Chargers 16


Probably the most anticipated match of week 11 takes place during the famous Monday Night Football Show. The match is a repeat of the Super Bowl last year with both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs looking like they could return to the big game.


To me, the Eagles seem absolutely unstoppable lately and I think they might be the best team in the league. However, it is never wise to count out the Chiefs especially when they are playing at home.


But I think the Chiefs struggles will come out during this game. I think the Eagles will capitalize off of every mistake the Chiefs make, and they will be victorious because of the mistake factor alone.


Prediction: Eagles 37, Chiefs 31