How Teller County Voted

Preliminary 2023 Election Results

*The following is based on eligible ballots recorded on election day evening. As of press time, the Teller County Clerk and Recorder’s Office still has to tabulate ballots, submitted from members of the military, and those ballots calling for a “cure” procedure. In addition, a possibility exists that several of the races could be experiencing a recount due to the closeness of the tally.


*The following includes contested races and issues only. For updated election information, visit or our Facebook Page.  Thank you, voters too for participating in Election 2023.  Turnout was much higher than previous off-year elections.     

Total Ballots Cast in Teller County 11,348

Voter Turnout 58.10%

Woodland Park School District RE-2

Board of Directors – District A

Seth Bryant 4,553

Mick Bates 4,596

Woodland Park School District RE-2

Board of Directors – District C

Keegan Barkley 4,683

Dave Illingworth 4,444

Woodland Park School District RE-2

Board of Directors – District D

Mike Knott 4,541

Cassie Kimbrell 4,596

Cripple Creek/Victor Races

Cripple Creek Mayor

Les Batson 21

Melissa Trenary 92

Annie Durham 218

Victor Mayor

Autumn Wallace 68

Barbara Manning 85 

Victor Ward 1

Joshua Mestas 53

Mark Gregory 24

CC/Victor RE-1 School Board, District A

Mark Green 94

Katharine Kaelin 89 


Ballot Issues

Proposition HH 

Property Tax Reductions with the use of TABOR Funds

Yes/For 3,536

No/Against 7,643

*The measure was defeated at the state level

Proposition II

State Retaining Revenue from Tobacco and Cigarette Products

Yes/For 6,250

No/Against 4,933

*The measure was approved at the state level.

Ute Pass Regional Health Service District Ballot Issue 7A

Sales Tax Increase for Improved Service and Better Equipment

Yes/For 4,074

No/Against 5,007


City of Cripple Creek Ballot Issue 2A

Sales Tax Increase to Benefit Vocational/Trade School

Yes/For 183

No/Against 150